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Madison WI Joomla Developer

Madison Joomla!

Do you have a Joomla website and live near the Madison, WI area? Need an experienced Joomla developer to talk to? Consider using Webstix to help you with your website.

Joomla Experience

Webstix has been in business since 2001 and we've been using Joomla since it came out. Actually, we were using Joomla before it was Joomla - when it was Mambo. We're experts at Joomla development, upgrades, hack cleanup and Joomla website design. Here are some of the tasks we can complete for you:

  • Joomla Installation, Migration and Upgrades
  • Component Installation and Development
  • Configuration Help or Clean Up
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs for Joomla
  • Joomla SEO
  • Blog Set Up
  • E-commerce Set Up and Programming
  • and more!

Why Get Help?

We've heard all the stories about Joomla developers disappearing or going out of business. When this happens, you're left without any help. We're here to help - even if we didn't set up your website initially. We can look it over and make sure it was done right as well as help you into the future.

Also keep in mind that Joomla upgrades and migrations need to be done from time to time. Some upgrades are easy (most are now) but others take some planning. In either case, a full backup should be taken before any work is done. That way, it can be rolled back if there are problems. If there are problems, our programmers can jump in and fix anything that isn't working properly. Also, we usually work during the night to help eliminate any downtime of your website.

What's the Pricing?

Good question! We work on a time block system where 1 "block" is a half hour of time. The more you pre-pay, the bigger discount you get and the more money you save. Learn more about our Maintenance Blocks system.

How Do I Know You Guys Won't Close Down?

We have a full staff of website designers, programmers, SEO people and a separate maintenance department. We also do website hosting. With multiple streams of revenue coming in, we're a stable company and we've built up quite a good sized customer base from all around the United States and even around the world. We've been approached recently by a few companies asking if we would buy them. There's no guarantee in life but we do not plan on closing down any time soon. If that were to happen, we would give all of our clients plenty of notice and then give them options of where to get more help. Again, we don't see ourselves in that position at all at this point.

Get Started Today!

Contact us if you have questions. We'd be glad to answer any questions you might have regarding your Joomla website. Even if you are not in the Madison, WI area, we can help you as we have clients all over the USA and the world.


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Design Portfolio
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What Our Clients Say

“Your company and its professionalism are proof positive that distance truly does not matter when completing a large project such as this.”
-Julie Hilliger
Malcolm-Eaton Enterprises
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