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Mobile Ready Websites Getting a Boost

Got a Mobile Ready Website? You Rock!

Ok, so let's stop talking about how websites that aren't mobile responsive are going to get ranked lower. It seems like we've been talking about that for 2 years now. We've driven that point home. It's time to talk about the websites that are doing it right.

Now that your website provides the best user experience to people using any device, it's time to start taking advantage of your website. We recently highlighted a success story of one of our clients that was smart and did a redesign a long time ago (yes, a year or more in the website design field is kind of a lot of time).

What Next?

First, it looks like you may get a boost in ranking around April 21st as Google weeds out websites that have not yet gone to responsive design:

"Mobilegeddon" is Happening on April 21, 2015 (webstix.com)

So, good job!

If your competitors have not yet made this move, you could be all alone, at the top of the search results! We'll see what happens.

Next, start focusing on keywords and writing content. Writing awesome content is the best thing you can do to get your website to rank higher. Wait, let me repeat that again and put it in large print:

Writing awesome content is the best thing you can do to get your website to rank higher.

Some people look at that and think, "wow, that's it?" while others look at it and they're scared. Which boat are you in?

Stop Looking Inward

There's sort of this "inward focus syndrome" that we see with some clients. Heck, we do it once in a while, too. It's when you write content that you think people want but you're not looking at what they actually want. Keyword research takes care of this for you - but only if you do it or have it done.

Keyword research entails not just looking at the low hanging fruit on your website (keywords you're already doing pretty good with) but also looking at your industry and doing industry research. It might even include customer questionnaire and interviews. You have to get into your customers' heads!

So don't just write content to write content for a word count - write content with a purpose. This is real SEO!


I could blog about content quite a bit because it's a huge topic... I wait, I have already. 🙂 Browse more articles on our website and you'll earn a "Webstix Degree in SEO" in no time!


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