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Why Your Current Website Isn't Working

It's About the Message!

I really like our most recent radio ads we're running right now. They say something to the effect of...

"Having a website with bad copy is like leading customers into a dark room with a lousy salesperson."

It's true. Your website is a 24/7 salesperson. If they're working that hard for you, do you want a good one or a bad one? You're investing in your website and sending traffic there. It's like a Yellow Pages ad from years ago (remember how those cost in the neighborhood of $600-$2000 per month?).

You're investing in web design, SEO, your domain name on business cards, your Facebook page - all these places... and the destination is your website, right?

When people get there, what do they see?

Do you sound just like your competition? Are you using the same messaging they are?

Or do you stand out? Do you say something different that gets noticed?


Good Vs. Bad Copy (Text)

  • Good copy on your website keeps people there. You get their attention and they want more.
  • Bad copy makes people click the Back button and try another result (your competition).

Just coming up with text for your website is like rolling the dice. It might work but probably not.

Ever hear good radio ads or TV commercials that make you take notice? That just doesn't happen by accident. It takes careful planning, research, some back and forth, testing and so on. Nice music and visuals is one thing but the message is what really matters.

The same is with websites. Good website structure, a fast load speed and other factors help a website rank high. A good design helps validate your business - that you're professional. Ok, check and... check. If you work with Webstix, that's all covered - we're the experts at that.

The next part is, what do you have to say? Can you keep people's attention? Can you make them want more?

Just like how you paid for a great website, you also need to invest in professional website copy for the whole thing to work. A hot looking sports car with a small, clunky engine won't get you across the finish line, beating your competition.

And this professionally developed copy can be used other places than just your website. You can design brochures with this new copy or even use it for radio and TV ads. Use it for online advertising, too. It'll be the foundation for your marketing.

Webstix Copywriting Services

person using a computer keyboardWe have great copywriters that can help you with great copy for your home page or entire website. They'll do a person-to-person interview with you and work with you to develop the right messaging.

When you do your copy yourself, you miss out on the outside perspective. Maybe you're doing something really great that your competition doesn't do and you're not making a big enough of a deal out of it. Or maybe you're doing something everyone does but since they're not talking about it, you can. You can then own that great feature or benefit. Having someone come in with an outside perspective can uncover some really great things and send your business in a new direction, with a new focus!

Our great copywriters will also create copy that's customer-focused. So many websites and TV/radio ads are "we" based instead of being customer based. It's an easy mistake to make. Hearing "We do this..." and "We're like this..." and "We're so great..." and so on can sound really boring. Instead, come out and say what you're going to do for your customer. Say what problem they have you can solve - and how you can do it better.

Another great thing is your value proposition. You know, that top thing that makes you different and makes people want to stay and find out more. That's part of the recipe for sure.

Your brand's unique voice has to stand out. Being just like everyone else is like lighting your advertising money on fire - at least then you'd get some warmth from it actually.

If what we're saying here is ringing true, then it's time to contact us so we can talk more. Even if you just had your website redesigned by another company, let's get in there and fix your copy so it works (we can even evaluate your website and give you a list of items to fix so it ranks higher and works better). We want to see our clients succeed. A website that ranks high, looks good and says the right things is what you need. We can do that for you... for sure.

Why Webstix?

Webstix - Look GoodWe're not the cheapest website design company out there. We don't work that way and that's really a lose-lose situation in most cases... you as the client won't get what you want and we won't be happy either. We'd rather do it right so that your investment in your website pays off and keeps paying off into the future. We don't "nickle and dime" our clients and we communicate.

Like we say in our radio ads (just to bring it all home)... we build web presences that simply work better!

Learn more about copywriting at Webstix.

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