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Put Emergency Messages on Your Website

Got Breaking News? Got a Way to Publish it?

Today, here in the Madison area, there was (still is, I guess) a fugitive on the loose. The FBI is even here looking for a certain individual. The entire area was in lockdown. Some roads were closed and a school in Verona had to also go on lockdown.

The school's website (not a client of ours, by the way) had to use their website as a tool to post messages and communicate with parents about what is going on regarding their children:

This brings up a point - you may be in a situation at your business (especially if you deal with kids) where you need the ability to post emergency messages to your website's home page. That is where people (parents) are going to look. It'll also ease up your phone lines (which you could urgently need if there is an emergency) so that you're not flooded with phone calls.

Other businesses in the area also needed to close. In that case, businesses also needed to post messages to their website stating if they were open or not - so this doesn't just affect places like schools and businesses that provide after school activities (martial arts, gymnastics, swimming, soccer, hockey, etc.). These businesses probably didn't ever plan on or think they would ever need this kind of ability on their website but things like this can happen, unfortunately.

Publish Important / Emergency Messages to Your Website's Home Page

If you need a way to post these kinds of messages, we have solutions. Give Webstix a call today to find out how we can help set this up so that you are ready in these kinds of siuations.

Fugitive Situation Update

As far as we know, everyone (including the kids) are safe. There have not been any reported incidents either. They have not captured the fugitive to this point. Here is a link to the news story:

UPDATE: Manhunt continues in area for FBI Most Wanted fugitive (wkow.com)


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