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Tips for SEO Video Optimization

Video play buttonThe SEO Benefits of Video Content

When Google crawls a website, they look up several indicators like page quality, relevance and keyword instances. Multimedia objects also add value to all three of these metrics. Videos increase a website visitor’s time on a page – and important indicator of page quality, which is becoming more and more important every day.

When optimizing videos, there are certain steps that might have been overlooked or missed that can lead to greater video search domination.

Our Approach to Video SEO

Some general video search optimization techniques for your website are:

  1. To improve rankings, traffic and conversions
  2. To increase brand awareness through inbound channels/links
  3. To drive social shares back to the company’s website


You can host a video either on your business website or through a branded hosting channel. If you want your website to rank for your videos, the videos must be hosted on your website. With this method, you will retain control of the traffic to your website.

If you want numerous people to see your video, you should be using a genuine marketing channel for hosting the video. You can use YouTube since doing that can offer a significant branding and traffic driving utility if embedded correctly.

Make sure you have a publicly available video page where your audience can watch your videos. Use unique descriptive data for each video in your markup or site maps.

1. On-page Markup for Video

The key to have your videos show up in search is to help Google properly index them. Sometimes the information on a page that contains a video will not be enough to describe the video. It requires more information for every video, such as:

  • A Title
  • A Description
  • A Thumbnail

To provide this information to Google, you need to use either on-page markup code or a video site map. On-page markup is hidden descriptive data that is added to the source code of your web page. Google recommends using the schema.org for the markup format to be used in this code.

Many people are not completely aware of these options since they are much invisible to users. This information will also not affect how your page look or behave. Once Google knows about your videos, they will indicate that your results are video when appropriate.

2. Keyword Research

While standard SEO and video SEO work in very similar ways, optimizing your video content for search requires special considerations. But you can also simply apply your standard SEO process to your video content if it’s embedded on your website.

If you want your videos on YouTube (instead of directly embedded in a website) to get more attention, that will require video-centric keyword research.

3. Video Site Maps (optional)

Video site maps are XML documents that describe your website videos. Google suggests submitting this site map to automatically crawl your video page.

4. Building Links for Videos

If a website visitor acquires more information by looking at the headline of your video, that will act as a reason for them to link to your video. To promote your videos, you can also drop a valuable comment with a relevant keyword in appropriate places that will act as a link back to the video.

5. Make it Sharable

Implementation of social media icons like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ on the video page will allow the users to share your videos socially. Doing this will provide a way for users to increase your popularity on social networks.

6. Adding Videos in your Email or Social Wall

Once the videos are well established with a good number of views, we can share it in your social networking sites or email the video links to increase popularity.

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