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Is SEO Really Worth It?

Is Doing SEO Worth It?

Search Engine Optimization for Small Business... Worth Doing?

If you're considering getting some SEO work done on your website, you may be wondering if it's really worth it.

There are times, when it actually might not be but that's not too often. In this article, we'll explain if doing SEO is worth it or not, giving you some factors you've probably never considered.

Is Your Competition Doing It?

If your competitors are optimizing their websites, then you should optimize your website. Most likely, they are working on it.

But, the advantage you might gain is that SEO must be continually done. If they did it once and left things alone, then you now have an opportunity to rank higher than them. How? Just do more. Yes, optimize better, have more/better original content and get more backlinks from better sources. Be better. Be the better result - it's that simple.

Would 50 More Sales/Month Make a Difference?

Think about it. If you optimized your website and if doing that brought in 50 more sales per month, would you come out ahead?

If you make, let's say, $200 per sale and you got an extra 50 sales/month, then that would be an extra $10,000 in your pocket. And if you spent $1,200 or so per month on SEO to keep the site optimized, you're coming out WAY ahead.

Easy choice.

It Takes Longer to Catch Up

Part of a clock showing

The longer you wait to do SEO, the more you'll have to do.

Yes, every day you stall, your competition is working on SEO... and you're not. If this goes on too long, you'll have a mountain to climb instead of a hill. Get on it.

Do You Want More Sales in the Future?

Investing in SEO now gets you more sales (organically) in the future. We won't lie - it takes time. Most good things take time.

Will you need to make more sales in a few months? Start on SEO now. In the meantime, we can help you with a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign until organic SEO catches up.

You May Be Tying One Hand Behind Your Back With Technical SEO Errors

Have you ever logged into your Google Search Console Account?

Do you even know what that is?

Old, clunky BMW that's dirtyIt's basically a back channel between Google and you. They communicate a lot of important information there - like errors they find. You need to check for these errors every month AND actually fix them (if you even know how). When you do, you know you're running a website Google likes and will want to rank higher.

If you keep ignoring those important errors, you're website looks like an old, clunky car to Google that's not worth ranking too high. Go ahead... let your competition look all shiny and see what happens.

Page Load Time

Speed is a killer... slow speed in this case.

Think about when you visit websites and they're slow. It's painful, right? You don't want to wait. Well, Google measures how mobile sites work/load and that goes into your search engine rankings. Slow sites rank lower. This is a ranking factor in your control. I'll say that again... in your control. If you're not taking advantage of making your website faster, that's on you.

The only problem is, making a website load quickly is... an art form (more on the solution in a minute).

Provide a Better User Experience & Get More Conversions

Just like how people like fast websites, people like websites that are easy to use.

You may think you're website is great, but...

  • Are you a UX/UI (user experience/user interface) expert?
  • Do you know what color buttons get more clicks?
  • Do you know how much white space websites should have and where?
  • Do you know the best structure for a website?

Most likely, you're just trying to run your business and you don't know these topics in-depth, which is why...

Leave it to the Experts at Webstix

We don't have one person at Webstix that can create a website.

That's right... not a one.

Hand with thumb upWe have experts in many areas and it takes a team to build a website - at least to our standards. Sure, you could go elsewhere and get just 1-2 people doing their best, but have they been around over 20 years? Do they have certified experts in UX/UI development? Is their SEO department top notch?

When it comes to SEO and website design, trust your website to a team of experts with knowledge and experience in many industries. We must be doing something right if we've been around since 2001. Our team is continually learning new technologies, strategies, and testing new idea when it comes to ranking websites higher with SEO.

So yeah, SEO is worth doing. Contact Webstix today.


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