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Today is the Day You Ditch Internet Explorer for Good

Do Not Use Internet Explorer Any More - Starting... Now!

The word from a number of sources is that everyone should stop using the Internet Explorer web browser. You know... the one that comes with Windows... the one most people use... the one that Web Designers hate. Yeah, THAT one.

Here's the word on the street:

And we warned you about this in 2010, too. Plus, it's a known fact that Internet Explorer 6 was the worst web browser ever.

Web Browsers That are OK to Use:

And here are links to download some decent web browsers:

Chrome is pretty tied in to Google. If you like Google, choose Chrome. If you want a little separation from "the man" at Google, then maybe go with FireFox.

If you use a Mac, then you're already using Safari since Microsoft stopped making a Mac version of Internet Explorer a long time ago. You're lucky!

Some other web browser alternatives:

On a Personal Note

Ask any website developer... we HATE Internet Explorer. It's horrible. Microsoft takes the standard way of doing things and makes website designers "fix" websites so that they work the "Microsoft way" since there are (were) so many people using that browser. We have to code websites two ways, basically. Internet Explorer makes website development more expensive for everyone. Nobody wins.

Take 5 minutes and make the switch now. When asked to make Firefox / Chrome / (whatever besides IE) your default web browser... just say yes! It'll feel so good!

And Now for Some Jokes

Here are some entertaining Internet "memes" about Internet Explorer for your enjoyment (ineedtolol.com):






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