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Unsolicited Letters from the Domain Registry of America

scamA few times a year we get emails and phone calls from clients that receives a letter in the mail from a company that is called the Domain Registry of America asking that the recipient to renew their domain registration with them.

Although the company is a "real" company their business idea is to try to switch your domain name registration from your current Domain Name Registrar (like GoDaddy, Network Solutions or Webstix) to them.

Although they will provide the advertised service you will end up paying more then you have to for this service. There must be a fair number of people that fall for this ploy as the company has been sending out these kinds of letters for years.

You do not need to respond to this kind of letter and typically you will receive their letter many months, even years, before your domain name is actually due to expire. Meaning, not only will you be overcharged for the service but you will also be paying for a service that you have already paid for when you purchased or renewed your domain name registration with your current Domain Name Registrar. Although these kind of solicitations are not outright scams it is certainly a borderline case.

You do indeed need to renew your domain name registration from time to time and you do need to know when your domain name expires. If you don't, you risk losing your domain name.

Typically you will receive an email from your Domain Name Registrar  a few months in advance telling you that your domain name is coming up for a renewal. The procedures vary from registrar to registrar but when you get these notifications, it is a good idea to log in to our Registrar Account and verify that your information is correct. Most Domain Registrars offer automatic renewals of domain names but that requires that you have a current credit card on file with them.

If you don't know who your Domain Name Registrar is or when your domain name expires you can follow the link below to find out.


If you purchased your domain name from Webstix you can log in to your account here:


Please feel free to give us a call or send us an email if you have a question about your domain name.

It is very important that you keep track of your user name and password for your account with the Domain Name Registrar and you might want to set up a reminder in your calendar for when your domain name expires so that you don't have to rely solely on the reminder being sent out by the Domain Name Registrar.

To summarize, the only communication that you need to keep track of is the emails you receive from your Domain Name Registrar. Everything else you receive in way of solicitations or inquiries you can disregard.

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