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Ideas on How to Update Your Website Content

Ideas for Updating Website Content

If updating your website is something you've been putting off for a while, then here are some ideas on what you can do to update your website to get more traffic, better serve your customers, and better serve your employees.

Wait, what's that?

Better serve your employees?

Yes! That's one aspect of website design that a lot of companies overlook. They don't always see that as a benefit, but you can certainly save a lot of money on payroll by updating your website. We'll get into that.

First, How Often Should Content Be Updated?

When deciding to update your website, the very first thing to do is make sure the content on the pages you have is correct and up to date:

  • Is the address/phone correct?
  • Are your hours correct?
  • Have people left of been added?
  • Have your products/services changed?
  • Should anything be removed?

Go through every page if you can and make the necessary edits.

Having correct information on your website is important so your customers know what you offer and so search engines can correctly reference your website in search results.

Next, Is a Redesign Needed?

Most websites need a redesign if they are 4-5 years old or more. However, if your website still isn't working well on a mobile device, you better do a redesign right now because that's a bad user experience for a huge chunk of your traffic. Also, Google ranks websites based on the mobile experience (so it better be, you know... good - check it here).

The reason websites need a redesign is because the website design industry moves very fast. Web technology is changing rapidly. There are always better ways to do things, which get you a website that loads faster, works better for your target audience, and one that is easier to maintain.

Have You Seen Your Bounce Rate Lately? Is it High?

Bouncy houseA "bounce" is when people go to your website and leave without taking any action. This means your website wasn't what they were looking for, so they left... never to be seen again, in most cases.

There are a few reasons for this:

  • First, it might just load too slowly and they never see it. That will still show as a bounce as long as some of the page headers have loaded.
  • Second, the first impression they saw wasn't good. They were turned off for some reason.
  • Third, they saw the page, and it didn't seem to be what they were looking for, so they left.

There's a science to building a page the right way. You have to deliver what people want up front, or at least give them a sign they are in the right place. That can be with text, images, or even the design itself.

A good trick/strategy here is to use a headline with an open loop. That means they feel compelled to stay on your page. Their brain wants to close the loop you've opened. They don't want to miss out on the answer. A page built with a headline that has an open loop, and paired with a design that loads fast and tells them they are in the right place (without any confusion, of course) is a winner.

How Fast Does Your Website Load?

People are impatient. They want answers NOW. If a website loads too slowly, not only is that a bad, first impression of your business, people simply might not wait and move on.

Or, think about this... you're at a restaurant and getting the food is taking forever. You tell yourself, "OK, that's fine, but it better be good." Then the food finally comes and it's great, so you've all but forgotten about the wait - that's one problem and it's gone. But, if the food isn't good, you now are thinking about the long wait and how the food is bad, which is two problems.

What I'm trying to say is, if you're making people wait to see your website (wait for them to find what they're looking for), the expectations go up. They'll wait for the page to load, but it better be worth it. If the content is worth it and you help them, they've forgotten about the wait. If the content isn't good and they also had to wait, then forget it - they will never be back.

Which brings us to...

How Good is Your Website Content?

Did you ever notice how you'll scroll through the ugliest forum page to get to a good answer? That's not to say design doesn't matter, but it shows how important content is / needs to be.

If the content on your website is helpful, insightful, and really helps people, then you've already sold them right there. Your audience is saying "yes" even before you pitch them, in that case. Isn't that better than having to pitch them hard? Pre-sell them with your awesome content. Don't be afraid to give too much away. By doing that, you're instilling trust, and that's worth WAY more.

Think about product reviews... you read those, right? THAT is good content. It helps you. Amazon is great at that and they make it easy to buy. If you read a particular review that covers the question you have in your mind, and if it successfully satisfies you, then you're heading right up to that buy button and you're checking out.

Yes, THAT is how powerful content is.

Does your website measure up? Does content need to be drastically improved to get to that level - the level people are expecting?

Content Ideas So Far...

Here's what we have so far:

  • Your new website needs to work well on mobile devices
  • Your new website needs to make people want to stay
  • It needs to load quickly so they don't leave
  • It needs to help and serve people / give them what they're searching for
  • The content needs to make them say "yes" before you even pitch them

That's a pretty good list so far. Let's keep going...

Your Website Needs Integration... Like, Seriously, It Does

Integration - handshake with computer hand

Just having a brochure website won't cut it for most businesses now. People are used to websites doing things and are used to using apps on their phones. People need to order online, use an estimator tool, or just have some kind of functionality. And this is where your website saves your employees time.

Take a look at what your employees do...

Are they:

  • Spending too much time doing estimates?
  • Spending too much time on customers that don't turn into sales?
  • Wasting time doing something a computer can do?
  • Dealing with the same issues, over and over?

Seriously, take some time and ask them. Watch them. Find out what their day is like. Find out what tasks they hate doing.

Then, let's see what can be integrated and automated. Maybe we can get a bunch of those problems off your list when your website:

  • Has an online estimator
  • Qualifies customers for you
  • Has automation for repetitive tasks
  • Has more tools to help your employees and customers

When your website takes care of those things:

  • Your employees are happier
  • They can work on other tasks - ones that bring in more revenue
  • You save time / money
  • The work is done more accurately
  • You get a computer (a tool) to do the work instead
  • The computer (your website) never calls in sick
  • Your customers get what they need faster - they are happier as well

WARNING: Once you go down this road, you'll probably be kicking yourself (how does one do that anyway?) for not doing it sooner!

And Let's Not Forget About Analytics

Google Analytics and Google Search Console Account Set upKnowing where your traffic is coming from is huge, but what's even bigger is knowing where your conversions come from.

If you're spending money on ads or even just posting on social media, don't you want to know what's working and what's turning into positive action or sales on your website?

Of course!

When you get that information, you'll better know where to spend more ad dollars or know which social media platforms are doing the best for you. Once you know that, you have a sales machine, my friend!

I'm just amazed at how many companies aren't doing this yet. It's so powerful and it's not too difficult to set up if you know what you're doing. And, whatever it costs, it's totally worth it.

Your New Website

Let's take a moment and picture your new website and what it'll do you.

  • It'll look great on mobile and desktop/laptop devices
  • It'll load quickly, to get people connected to you faster
  • The new content will make people want to stick around and it'll pre-sell them for you - making it easier to sell
  • It'll give people what they're looking for
  • It will automate certain, dreadful tasks - helping both your employees, you, and your customers
  • You'll save time and money
  • You'll be able to better track your traffic - spending time and money only where it counts

Wow, if that's not enough ideas to go forward with a website redesign, then I don't know what is.

A new website shouldn't just be slapping on a new design that the owner of the company likes. What does that solve? You feel better.. that's it. A back massage costs lots less - do that instead.

This time, how about investing into your website? Do it right. Study your customers (where they hang out, what they do) and design it for them instead. Make it a machine that improves your business, helps your employees, and makes your customers happy.

Are you ready to at least explore that?

Contact Webstix today and let's talk. We work with clients in our area and around the country - we have lots of clients we've never even met face to face. In today's world, that's not even a factor anymore, but we've been doing that a long time.

And we've been in business since 2001. Not many web design companies can say that. We have an excellent team who are experts in their fields, with knowledge that's off the charts. That's how we've been able to stick around so long.

Make your website project the next Webstix success story.


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