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Vary Your Link Text

Use Correct Types of Anchor Text for Backlinks

With SEO, we know that there's on-site SEO and off-site SEO. Let's assume that you've worked with Webstix and you have your on-site SEO doing really well. Pages are optimized and your calls to action have been tuned and you're getting good conversions with the traffic you're getting. That means that now you're in a great spot to start working on getting more traffic to your website.

How to Get More Traffic

It's easy. Get links from other websites. That's the key - but there are some guidelines to follow. Failure to do it right can really mess things up and could backfire.

Each link to your website is another vote for your website (backlinks). The more votes you get, the higher you will rank (if you're getting votes from reputable sources, of course). What's being voted on is what text is being linked (your anchor text). Linking the words "click here" doesn't make a lot of sense because you don't want to rank high for the phrase "click here," right? There is actually a place to use that as your anchor text but only a part of the time. There's a formula you should know as you're building links.

The Link Text Formula

First, there's really no exact formula. Other people will have other ideas but the principle remains - if you use the same link text over and over, it's not natural and Google knows it. You've got to vary your link text in order for it to look more natural and be more effective.

  • 10%: Your Domain Name - For example:
  • 10%: Your Brand Name - For example:
    Your Company Name
  • 10%: The Page Name -This is the title of the article or page that you're linking to.
  • 10%: Your Main Keyword - This is the main keyword that you're trying to rank for.
  • 20%: Variations of Long Tail Keywords - These are maybe 4-5 related long tail keywords related to your main keyword.
  • 20%: Niche Related Keywords - This is a group of about 20 related keywords that you've researched which do not contain your main keyword but are in your website's niche or industry.
  • 20%: Generic Type Keywords - This is where "click here" comes into play. For example:
    click here
    get more information
    find out more
    read about this topic
    keep reading

We now have 7 kinds of backlinks to make. See how that works? It's more natural and more of a solid solution that won't get your website slapped whenever there's a major update.


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