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We Fix Cheap Websites

rusty wrench on a tableIf you had a company create a website for your business which doesn't really work right or rank well, we can help.

Yes, cheaply made websites are websites and might be fine for starting out, but if you expect to really go after your competition, rank above them, and look better than them (which means more leads/sales), then it's time to upgrade.

Let's face it, you get what you pay for.

If you pay for a cheap website, you'll get... a cheap website.

If I buy a cheap shirt, it might be fine for a while, but then it starts to fade, or it shrinks, or it's too difficult to take care of. At that point, I don't even want to wear it anymore. If I paid $20 for it and wore it 4 times, that's $5 per wear. Instead, if I pay $70 for a nice shirt that's easy to care for, always looks good, and is something I want to wear, I might wear it 100 times, which is $0.70 per wear. So, the more expensive shirt was much more worth it.

Think About It...

Your company website is the hub of your marketing - no matter your budget. Everything from business cards, to billboards, to TV ads, all point to your website. Everyone has a phone book in their pocket (smart phone). It all starts with your website.

If your website loads too slowly, is difficult to use, has too many errors, gets hacked, or something else, then you've just made a terrible first impression. Those people may never return to you - either online or in person. You blew your one chance.

And if a website costs $19 per day to build, run, and maintain, is that really too much if it's making you much more than that in sales and leads? That $19 is super cheap. It's the cheapest marketing out there. And then what if you get 200 visitors per day? That comes down to less than 10 cents per visitor.

Most websites last about 3-4 year, so take the cost of the website, include security, maintenance, and hosting (+ the SSL certificate and domain registration) then divide that by 4, then divide by 365. That's your per day cost.

What is a new lead or sale worth to you?

What about repeat business?

Every person on your email list should be worth about $1 per month - maybe more. What if you had 6,000 people on your mailing list - would that help?

Websites Do Not Cost Much

Wait, let me change that... good websites do not cost much. That means websites built right that rank high, work like they should, load fast, and get you leads. Bad websites cost you tons - in lost business/first impressions.

In my opinion, going with a cheap website is like burning your money.

Is Webstix Expensive?

WebstixWe're really not that expensive, but we are that better shirt. When you understand that you get what you pay for, our prices are very reasonable for the value you get.

And since you don't want cheap... we're not cheap. You will not get a cheap website that under-performs.

We are the only company in the area with our 200-point checklist. It's evidence of our 20+ years in business. We learn things all the time, and when something good produces results, it goes into that checklist so every website project going forward has that in it. No other company out there has this checklist. We hide it under lock and key. It's full of what Google and other search engines want. When they get what they want, your website ranks higher.

You Get it

You've already had the cheap website, so you get it. You know corners were cut and that might not really be anyone's fault. We've even done some projects with a very low budget, but we warn those customers that since we can't go through our whole checklist, they can't expect a website that loads quickly and ranks high. It's not going to happen.

But now that you know what the results of a cheap website are, you know you don't want to do that again. That's how you know you're ready for Webstix.

A Website That Just "Works"

Think about how you'll feel when you actually have a website that works well.

  • It ranks high
  • It loads fast
  • It brings in leads/sales
  • The software is always up to date
  • Security is in place
  • You have good support

That last item... support. What is that worth?


Just knowing you have a support team that's responsive, that cares about your website, and reacts quickly to fix things... that's worth everything. That headache of a website you have now is no longer. It's gone. In its place is a website that works like it should. It works while you're sleeping even. No worries.

Contact Webstix

And not every website will rank super high when it launches since there may be tough competition or other factors, but we can evaluate that and let you know what we think. But isn't it time to ditch that cheap website?

Contact Webstix today and let's talk about how we can really help your business.


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