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Web Browser Usage Share and Mobile Use

Yeah, Things Have Changed... Pretty Quickly

Here's an interesting page I found on Wikipedia:

Usage share of web browsers (wikipedia.org)

Wow... just wow!

They seem to be updating this page often but here's how the image there looks now (at the time I'm writing this):

Key points:

  • The really good news is that the use of Internet Explorer is going down. If you haven't yet switched, here are some good reasons (time to get on that).
  • Mobile use is really on the rise - as expected.
  • Chrome is the dominant web browser.
  • Safari is increasing as well.

The reason, I think, that both Chrome and Safari are rising (and one reason why IE is decreasing) is because those browsers are available on mobile devices (tablets and smart phones).

Pretty simple, right?

Mobile use seems to clearly be taking over. If you haven't made the conversion yet to responsive website design, then you're already missing out on traffic. Like we've been saying, Google is going to favor websites that work well on mobile devices - especially when searches originate from those devices.

Browser Versions

Here are some interesting stats with the Firefox web browser:

  • Between 2004-2007 (3 years), there were 24 versions released
  • Between 2010-2013 (also 3 years) there were 67 versions released
  • This year (so far - 9 months), Firefox went from version 24 to 31

Here's an image showing all the versions of Firefox (click to open full version in a new window):

Firefox Browser Version History

Here's a large image of all the different browsers that came to our website last month - it's a lot:



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