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Post-Quarantine Website Marketing - 27 Ways to Bounce Back

Post-Quarantine Website Marketing in 2020

In this new environment, online usage has skyrocketed.

At home, I just checked my usage and it's up 150%. Many businesses now have transitioned where most of their staff now works at home instead of in the office. More people are ordering products and food online for safe, home delivery.

The world has changed.

Has your business?

Has your website?

Example: E-Learning for Aquaponics

Aquaponics Online Learning.png

Before the quarantine, Aquaponics.com had in-person training they sold. People from all over the world would fly in and attend. Since Corona virus, that wasn't going to happen. The solution was to convert in-person training to online training.

Webstix quickly sprang into action.

We were able to set up online learning that connected with their existing cart we already had on their website. That way, there wasn't a separate checkout and people could add other items to their cart as they were shopping (or, add e-learning to other products they were already buying).

They now offer several of their master classes online. Their students are able to take them when it's convenient and it's all done virtually, which is safe.

How Can Your Business / Website Adapt?

If you haven't thought about it yet, NOW is the time to come up with ways where your business can adapt to a post-quarantine world where more people are living online.

Besides offering e-learning, here are 27 examples of how businesses can adapt in this post-quarantine world:

  1. Offer online classes, courses, and training.
  2. Offer no-contact delivery or curbside pickup with online ordering
  3. Online calculators or tools
  4. Video tutorials on how to do things safely
  5. E-commerce selling your products/services or gift cards
  6. Publish a schedule of virtual meetings, classes, or events
  7. Set up and run webinars for lead conversion
  8. Online registration for services
  9. Publish online guides
  10. Set up a support portal or ticket system
  11. Post more photos/galleries of your items since some people can't visit your location
  12. Online conferences
  13. Add product configurators on your website to make product selection easier and virtual
  14. Add a chatbot or online chat to your website
  15. Start a podcast
  16. Do more paid online marketing/advertising
  17. More blog content to boost online awareness and footprint
  18. Offer online coupons to increase foot-traffic
  19. Create an online community with a discussion board
  20. Host a virtual Q&A session with your team
  21. Offer a giveaway
  22. Have a contest
  23. Add a pop-up on your website with a lead magnet to join your email list
  24. Provide an exclusive members-only area with premium content
  25. Connect your shipping and accounting system with your online store to be more efficient
  26. Streamline and optimize your website
  27. Boost your local SEO

The most important thing to do is recognize that a change is most likely necessary. The world has changed, so making changes to how you do business is probably something that will need to be done. A lot of that starts with your website.

Your Website is Critical

Your website is a central hub when it comes to your brand. That's the first place your customers think to go. It not only needs to load quickly but grab their attention and make sure they find what they're looking for. Now, more than ever, it's time to take a good look at your website and strategically focus on how your business needs to adapt to the new way of doing things.

Let's talk. We want to hear your ideas and pain points. We have a team of experts that loves to solve problems, which we also do quickly and efficiently. We don't try to soak our clients but instead come up with solutions that are planned well, will work, and solutions that are done efficiently - the easiest way possible.

See what we have now as an opportunity.

There are tons of success stories how a business was faced with a problem and they turned it into an opportunity where they did better than they would have ever dreamed. Don't fear change but embrace it. People usually fear the idea of change more than the change itself.

Once you start exploring and taking a few, safe steps, you'll realize what amazing opportunities could be right at your feet.

The only way to do that is to move a little.

Contact Webstix today and let's see what's possible.


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