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Website Design: Better, Faster or Cheaper?

Good, Fast or Cheap?

Fast Lanborghini

When looking for website design, do you want good, fast or cheap? You can only pick 2 of the 3, so which do you want?

I found an article that dovetails on what I wrote the other day here:

How Does the Website Design Process Work? (webstix.com)

If you want a good website, it's not done in a few clicks. If you think you can get a great website done in just a few clicks that puts you ahead of your competition and grows your business and it's all done for free or very cheap, then please go ahead and do that - you are not a client for us and we wish you well.

You get what you pay for with website design. Go cheap and you get cheap.

Are you familiar with the "business triangle?" (there might be an official term for it). It shows 3 points: good, cheap and fast. You can have two out of the 3 but never all 3.

Here's the new article I found:

Better, Faster, Cheaper…Pick 2 (searchenginewatch.com)

The author talks about how he proposed some work and the company chose the cheaper route and he didn't get the job. Skip ahead 6 months later and he's invited back after the company lost millions in sales. His price had to double and they signed the deal.

Here's an excerpt about chosing your options:

With this approach, the site will perform very well and will launch sooner, thereby generating more revenue, sooner, that offsets the higher cost of achieving these objectives.

While this results in a high-performing site, it takes longer to get to a launch point, thus missing out on months of revenue, counteracting the savings of hiring a cheaper option.

This option provides a site that launches quickly, at a reasonable cost, but fails to generate the expected revenue, again, counteracting the savings of hiring the cheaper option.


In the long run, cheaper never works out in your favor. Remember, if you don’t have the money to do it right the first time, what makes you think you’ll have enough money to do it right a second time?

Do you hire a cheap Accountant that makes mistakes? Do you get cheap phone service that's terrible? Do you use cheap Internet service that's unreliable?

What scares me is cheap fast food. It's a little too cheap and comes out a little too quickly, right? That must mean the quality is terrible and the horror stories about this are out there. There's simply no possible way to make food that fast and cheap and have it be top quality.


We actually don't accept projects that are too cheap. We're not that kind of company. We found that nobody's happy in that situation, so we turn those projects down. Today, it takes a team of experts to properly set up and launch a successful website. If that's what you want and if you're ready to invest in your business and expect a return, then give us a call.


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