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Website Design Maintenance Company

Website Design and Development Maintenance Services

Websites need to be updated often since they are a means of communication for any sized business. People are using the Internet everywhere - on their televisions and phones, so having your website's content up to date is, no doubt, something that is very important now.

Website Maintenance and Support

If you need help with updates for your website, then you need to find a capable website maintenance company that is set up to handle these kinds of requests.


Well, if you sign up with a maintenance business that has to pull their designers and programmers off of their current projects to do your website work, then you work might not be done as well. The work will be done better by a team that's waiting for your website maintenance work. It's that simple!

What Do We Provide?

Here are just some of the services that we provide when we do updates to websites:

  • Text and image updates to pages / update content
  • Add new pages/articles to a website
  • Clean up messy website pages / fix pages that don't display correctly
  • Website repair services
  • Product updates / store product pricing updates
  • Edit meta tags
  • Add site maps
  • Add contact forms (or other forms) to websites
  • Update schedules
  • Add testimonials to websites

We can also offer Webmaster services as well:

  • Website and database backups
  • Troubleshoot errors in programming
  • Analyze Google analytics data
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tasks
  • Upgrade website software (Magento, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Dot Net Nuke, etc.)

Basically, we'll do whatever needs to be done with your website. If something isn't listed here, give us a call and we'll let you know if we can help you.

We know you need to run your business and don't want to waste time learning how to update your website. Let us step in and be your Webmaster for you. We have staff trained to help companies just like yours. Get these website tasks off your list now by giving the work to experts who know how to do the work right and get it done fast!

Website Maintenance Problems

The main problem with updating a website is where to start. We get calls from people all the time who are in a situation where they are tasked with updating the company website but they have no idea where to start. What happens is that maybe the last time the website was updated was before they were employed there or the person who was in charge of the website has left the company. Sometimes the web designer that made the original website has left town or went out of business.

Getting access to the website can be a problem but we are able to work through that and help our clients. Information about how to do that is below but let's first discuss our website design maintenance services.

Web Maintenance Services

The way it works is we sell what we call "Maintenance Blocks," which are blocks of time. Each "block" is a half hour of time. We do this for a few reasons. First, most work we get is at least a half hour of work. Second, if it's not quite a half hour, then out clients tend to save up a few tasks that can all be done within a half hour and this saves them time/money with website updates.

We Can Get You a Quote

If you are not sure how much time something might take, then we can give you a quote on the work before we begin. We'll quote it and then ask for your approval (and payment) before we begin on the work.

Pricing / Costs

The cost for this work depends on how many blocks you purchase / pre-pay. The more blocks you buy at a time, the bigger discount you get. The reason for this is that it saves us time doing billing. If we have to generate an invoice for every single half hour of work, there is really no way we can give a discount. Discounts start at just 3 hours, which is a 6-pack of Maintenance Blocks.

Get our pricing on Maintenance Blocks here >>

Access to Your Website

Like I said, sometimes the most difficult thing with this work is getting access to the website. It's difficult to know where to begin and where to get the info. Here is some help.

What We're Looking For

What we need is the following:

  • FTP server name
  • FTP username
  • FTP password
  • Hosting Control Panel login (optional) - where your hosting is there should be a control panel where you can login and make adjustments.
  • Control Panel username (optional)
  • Control Panel password (optional)

The optional items above are probably optional - we might actually need this info but let's first start with the FTP info. Here's more info about FTP is.

Once you have this info, you can submit it to us securely here.

Where to Get Your Hosting Information/Logins

Here are some tips that might help you find your website hosting information:

  • Check with whomever was updating the website or the IT Manager.
  • Check with Accounting (Accounts Payable) and find out who they pay for website hosting.
    • Call that company, explain who you are and ask for the information listed above in the "What We're Looking For" section. They will know what you mean.
  • Do a "whois" lookup on your domain name and see if that tells you who the host is. It'll first list the registrar (which might be the host) but also check the DNS server info and that might give you a clue as well.
  • Contact Webstix and we'll see how we can help you.

Website Maintenance Average Costs

What is the average price for website maintenance?

If you are looking to get some updates done to your website, then here is some information that can help you. Most people want to know what your website maintenance cost may be. The price for getting some work done will, of course, depend on how much work you need done. Do you need just a few pages updated with new text and images or do you need features added?

Generally speaking, you can plan to spend about 10-20% of your website's cost in maintenance every year. If you're looking for a number to include in a budget, that should work pretty well as you'll need to upgrade scripts and software running on your website as well as make changes to text and images.

Small websites can expect to average 1-4 hours per month and larger websites that are more active can expect to average 6-12 hours per month or more.

Example: Getting two pages updated is about a half hour of work.

Here is what someone doing website maintenance should do in order to complete a task like this:

  1. Understand all the notes and requirements. Ask questions if necessary.
  2. Take a backup of all files/pages being updated. Store them in a safe place and store them in an obvious place so that others can find it. Take a database backup if necessary.
  3. Make the necessary updates.
  4. Check the page(s) being updated in the latest version of major web browsers to make sure that everything looks as it should.
  5. Write up notes of what was done and which files were updated.
  6. Write up and send a report to send to the client.

All of this takes a half hourif the work is done carefully.


Website Maintenance Cost per Hour

[Note: Our pricing has changed since January 2016 - see our new pricing here]

Cost: The price for a half hour of website maintenance work is $57.50. This is based on our $115/hour rate. The price for this work can be as little as $37.38 for the half hour if more time is purchased ahead of time.

Complete Website Maintenance Pricing Breakdown

Each "Maintenance Block" is a half hour of time. Buy a 6-pack and start saving!


Amount Time Discount Cost Hourly Rate Savings
1 Block 1/2 hour $57.50 $115.00/hr
2 Blocks 1 hour $115.00 $115.00/hr
3 Blocks 1.5 hours $172.50 $115.00/hr
4 Blocks 2 hours $230.00 $115.00/hr
5 Blocks 2.5 hours $287.50 $115.00/hr
of Blocks
3 hours 15% off $293.25 $97.75/hr You Save: $51.75
of Blocks
6 hours 25% off $690.00
$86.25/hr You Save: $172.50
of Blocks
12 hours 30% off $1,380.00
$80.50/hr You Save: $414.00
of Blocks
24 hours 35% off $2,760.00
$74.75/hr You Save: $966.00

Most of our clients start with a 12-pack of Maintenance Blocks and that can last them a few months - again, depending on how much work they need done and want to pre-pay. We have many clients that continuously buy 48-packs of maintenance from us and they enjoy maximum savings.

Our Competition

In looking at one of our competitors, here is what I found:

  • They offer 25 hours of work for $85.00 per hour. We're at $74.75 per hour.
  • Their 48-pack would be $2,040 and our is $1794 - a savings of $246 by using Webstix!

We get compliments on our service all the time. We respond quickly and work hard for you because we understand how important your website is. Give us a try!

Find out more about our website maintenance services.


Website design maintenance services are here at Webstix. We provide help to clients all over the United States and even in other countries. We do not need to meet face to face in order to get things done as we have lots of experience taking care of people's website maintenance needs. Get a hold of us today and we'll see how we can help you.

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