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Website Maintenance Calculator

Buy Website Maintenance Online!

We just relaunched our website maintenance page and have set up a new calculator to help you buy the amount of maintenance that you need.

You can go there and try it yourself.

Where it says "How Many Blocks Do You Need?" you can enter any amount of Maintenance Blocks (1 block = 1/2 hour or work) and it'll give you the best price for that amount of blocks!

There's no more buying a 24-pack and 12-pack to get 28 blocks, for example. It gives you pricing for that amount of blocks. Just buy them and we'll get started on the work! Buy them right there.

Not Familiar With Webstix Maintenance Blocks?

Well, the concept is pretty simple...

  1. Start off with a quote. Just tell us what you need done.
  2. You'll get the quote back once we've looked things over.
  3. Accept the quote and buy the required amount of Maintenance Blocks and we then get started!

If you have questions about the quote, just ask and we'll adjust it if necessary. If we have questions, we'll ask you.

Get website maintenance / update tasks off of your to-do list today and get your website up to date and working better for you!


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Malcolm-Eaton Enterprises
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