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How About a Little Proof on SEO?

Proof? Yeah, We Can Do That...

We were talking with a client about the success they had with Webstix recently. They're really happy with the look and design of their new website - including the new functionality. They're very happy to be able to finally UPGRADE their previous website and go with something built the right way.

Very often, we do see nice increases in traffic, rankings, and conversions after the new website launches.

This is mainly due to improvements in:

  • Load times
  • Website structure
  • Website copy/content
  • Built-in, on-site SEO work we do

It's important to note that not all website designers go through the nearly 200 step, quality-control checklist that we have when launching a website - that's in addition to just setting things up. For us, it's standard practice and some of the value we add. When you do things right, we find the rewards come in the form of high rankings, increased traffic, and increased conversions.

We don't guarantee this with every project but it's pretty common, and I'm going to show you...

Is this where we're supposed to drop the microphone? Is that how it works? 🙂

Look, we're in our 20th year and we have tons of experience. With each project, we gain even more knowledge. Our team keeps up with certifications and the latest tech in our industry. We live and breathe website design.

One thing we don't do well?


Yeah, we need to work on that... and this page is a start.

It's not bragging if you can do it, right?

I love being in meetings where client ask something like, "Can you do... X?"

I then bring up a website we've done on my laptop, show it to them and say, "Do you mean like this?"

I then bring up another website and ask again, "Like this?"

We usually just see jaws dropping and head nods at that point.

Trust the Area Website Design Leader

Nobody in our area has the expertise and experience we do. We're a group of experts, working together. Our team is top notch and they work hard. Most clients are shocked at how well we communicate and respond.

We've got all kinds of tools we've built to help us manage projects - that nobody else has.

After 20 years of doing something, that's what naturally happens... or naturally should happen, at least.

Hey, even during the quarantine, we were busy and I found time to get training from some of the top copywriters in the country to help improve my skills. I'm no expert at it yet but I've picked up a ton of cool copywriting hacks. I can now better speak the same language as our copywriter, too. The point is... we're always improving.

If you've sort of "winged it" with your website up until now and aren't happy with the meager results, maybe it's time to upgrade to a Webstix website. If so, contact us and let's talk.

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