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Websites for Industry & Manufacturers

Website Design and Information Architecture

Over the years, we've done website design for many types of clients - including restaurants, non-profits, online retailers, car dealers, health care providers, painters, landscaping companies and many more. During that time (almost 15 years now), we noticed a natural synergy with companies that do manufacturing, technology, engineering and science. If we had to pick a niche that we cater to, that group I just listed would be it.

The great thing about providing web design, online marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), custom programming and website maintenance services to all kinds of markets is that we've been able to borrow ideas from one vertical market and bring it into another. We've successfully transferred ideas from one type of website into another and, by doing that, we're able to work in virtually any niche market out there.

But this natural chemistry with certain type of businesses is undeniable. We work better with certain types of clients, so we just a better fit and it's a win-win for everyone involved.

A Natural Fit for Our Expertise

At Webstix, we have experts in website design, Google PageSpeed, website maintenance, systems integration and e-commerce. We're able to provide both great design and solutions for our clients who need their websites to do more than just look good. They need their websites to look good to their own staff and help them do their jobs. Our tag line is "Look Good" and we use that for things like:

  • Look good on the Web
  • Look good to your customers
  • Look good to search engines
  • Look good to your vendors
  • Look good to your investors
  • Look good on social media
  • Look good to your employees/staff

Having a website that looks good means it works good. It's simple, it's clean, it's easy to navigate... it gets results.

For our industrial and commercial type clients, they can look good to their customers when their website handles orders easily and without errors or provides information. To go a step beyond that, how about adding in functionality that takes you past your competition?

We can offer help with:

  • Inventory integration with e-commerce
  • Product pickers / configurators
  • ERP or CRM integration
  • Accounting software integration
  • Dealer websites
  • Multi-site setups to reach different vertical markets with the same data
  • Adding thousands of products to e-commerce sites
  • Custom, online solutions

Not all websites are the same - we get that. You won't get a cookie cutter solution because one size does not fit all.

We're Here After the Sale

We don't just set up your website and leave you on your own. We know you'll need help, support, updates, training and maintenance. We have teams ready to assist you after your new website launches.

Our support team is top notch and getting better every day. Very often, requests in by 5pm are ready the next morning. We get many new projects from clients that just started using us to support their existing website. They like us so much that they have us do their next website project. It happens all the time.


If you are a manufacturer and need a website that will help you run your business, then choose a website design company that will build you a website that will be a tool for your business. Expect it to save time and help things run smoother. Every day you wait is yet one more day where you have to put up with things the "old way."

Contact a Webstix Representative today to find out more about how we can help you.


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