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We're Rocking the PageSpeed Scores!

Webstix Breaks the PageSpeed Barrier

Google's PageSpeed tool is all about the User Experience (UX). When you think like Google, you see how they want to deliver the best website results. That means websites need to load quickly on desktop/laptop and mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, phablets). It's a part of the equation.

As website designers, we at Webstix also feel that websites need to load quickly and we consult with our clients to deliver websites that provide the best user experience. We go through a wire frame process, design process, set up a bare bones website and then a staging website. This step-by-step process ensures quality and that means less problems later on as well as the level of user experience that is expected.

We Cracked the PageSpeed Code!

We've been focusing a lot on Google PageSpeed lately and we've completely cracked it! We can get virtually any website into the green (a score of 85 or above). How do it is very technical -we won't bore you with those details. It's nothing you'd want to sit down and learn.

We'll be coming out with more details soon of example websites but we're seeing scores in the 90s, which is exactly what you want.

Go ahead and test your website:

Google PageSpeed Insights

(opens in a new window)

If your website is not in the green, then contact us and we'll get you a quote (even if we didn't create your website!).

You've spent time and money on your website - you've invested in it. Make that investment worth it by going through this last step. Give your website every advantage you can!


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