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Who is Visiting Your Website?

Ever wonder that? Not everyone comes in through the home page, you know. Many people see an inside page first - which makes you want to check if your contact information is on every page and if every page of your site tells people what you do. If you're site's using frames, you're even in more trouble - but that's another story altogether.

So how do you know? You can try to ask people on your contact us form where they heard of you - and you should be doing that, but that's only getting a tiny bit of information. There's a whole world of information available about every single visitor that comes to your site. It's almost scary how much information is available - although it doesn't get too personal, thank God.

You can find out things like:

  • Which pages people are entering your site.
  • What country, what state and what city your website visitors are coming from.
  • What search terms / keywords people are using to find your website (this is VERY useful).
  • What websites people are coming from.
  • What time of day you get the most traffic / which days you get the most traffic.
  • How many people come to your home page and instantly leave (your bounce rate).
  • How long people are on your site and how many pages they visit.
  • Which pages people are leaving your site.
  • And LOTS more information. Lots more.

With this information, you'll be able to:

  • Fine tune your website and add in more "call to action" statements where needed - to convert more sales.
  • Make changes to your home page and see what difference it makes - it's all trackable.
  • Know if any web advertising you're spending money on is worth it.
  • Fine tune your website's copy, adding in more keywords that relate to your website.

This service is provided by Google and it's called Google Analytics. The cool thing is, it's free. Yeah, free!


Getting it installed is not always easy if you don't know how to do it or the person you'd ask to do it is overwhelmed with work and won't get to this for weeks. The way we see it, you're losing valuable information every day you delay adding Google Analytics to your website. That's why we install this on every website we make.

We now offer a service where we can add this to virtually any website out there. We'll just need FTP access to your site and we'll set up an Google Analytics account for you and install the code on up to 40 pages on your website for $99. On some template-based websites, this code only needs to be added to a few files. On other websites, it needs to be manually added to every page. If you need the code installed on more then 40 pages, we can work out a price for your website (since you do want it on every page) but the 40 page price will work for many websites out there.

So give us a call or order this online today >>


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