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How to Write Great Content for Your Website

person using a computer keyboardAs we've been mentioning over and over, the best thing you can do for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) / getting your website to rank higher is write great content. Google loves good, original content that will help people since that's what they do - they give out good results.

When you do this, you look like THE authority on the subject matter. You are the expert. The confidence comes through. Your content should be top notch.

Tips for Writing Really Good Content

  • Write "bookmark worthy" or "share worthy" (on social media) content that will really help people / answer their questions / solve their problems
  • Make the copy on the page look scannable:
    • Use headings
    • Use bold test
    • Use bulleted lists (like this one)
  • Have at least 3 pictures - add more if possible
  • Add a video if possible
  • Write content with a few, good keywords in mind
  • Write 800 words or more on inside pages (1200+ words on the home page) - the more, the better (no fluff)
  • Link to other articles on your website
  • Link to other, good, reputable resources

Is this content that you can just whip up in 20 minutes? Well, once you get used to writing I think you can. I often crank out articles in 30 minutes.

Ways to Come Up With Content Ideas

Since most people aren't too thrilled about writing, the thought of having to come up with 800-1200 words or more can seem completely overwhelming. We get that.

Here are some ideas to help you come up with content for your website.

The Outside Perspective

Pair of shoes on a white backgroundRemember to think about who is coming to your website. Try to put yourself in their shoes. This is difficult but if you listen to the questions your customers frequently ask, you'll start to get it. If you were coming at what you do or sell with no knowledge, what would people want to know?

Even the questions that might seem really basic or rudimentary to you now are things still people want to know. You're the expert with what you do, so share your knowledge with words. Get back down to the basics.

Tell a Story

A good way to add an extra 400 words or more to a page is to tell a story. People like reading stories.

It should be short - not long winded and it should be a way you helped a customer - like a unique situation that is interesting and displays your company in the best light possible. It might be the story you often tell when you're doing your sales pitch. Put that story on an appropriate page on your website.

Get a Pad of Paper

If you're completely drawing a blank, take out a pad of paper and put it next to the phone or give it to whomever is answering your phone. When a call is finished, write down some notes about the call. What did the caller ask? What were their concerns?

You'll then have more ideas about what your customers want and you'll be able to get that content on your website.

Make it Keyword Based

Choosing the right topic to write about is critical. You want the right kind of traffic, right? You want the traffic that is your target market/audience. Why attract visitors that have nothing to do with your product or services?

Choosing the right keywords (as I like to say) is like taking a reading on a map. If you're a few degrees off, you won't end up where you need to be. It's important to do research and choose the correct keywords and topics to write about.

We can also help with this.

What if You're Not a Writer?

If you're not a writer, then you're not going to want to write and that means it won't get done. That's the truth, right? If you're a writer or not, that's no excuse... the work still needs to get done if you want your website to start being a marketing tool for your business or organization.

The simple answer here is to hire a copywriter. We can help with that if you wish.

Want More Info?

Here's a great article I found today about writing good content for your website:

How to Write Compelling Content That Your Audience Will Love (flippa.com)

The trouble with content production is that you may feel your efforts fall short of your audience’s expectations. The early content published on your website may not reach the target audience because you may not completely understand what readers want. Likewise, veteran site owners creating content may feel they miss the mark because there is so much pressure and expectation once they’ve been established.

And here are more articles on our website that will help you:

Happy writing!

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