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Whaleback Paddleboards WebsitePretty much everyone has a website now, right? New businesses need a website, of course, but any business that has been around a while has a website. The World Wide Web has been around since the early 1990s, so the Web is by no means new.

What is new is having more than “just a website.”

Every business today needs a website that:

  • Produces leads and sales
  • Is easy to navigate
  • Loads quickly
  • Provides an outstanding user experience for your customers
  • Is easy to update and add content to
  • Ranks well in searches (search engine friendly)

Multiple Calls to Action

A good website needs multiple calls to action at different strengths – all the way from asking someone to buy down to asking people to like your Facebook page… and everything in between.

You need to give your audience multiple ways to interact with you in order to get more leads and sales.

Design That Works = Higher Rankings = More Sales/Leads

Genesis Painting website shown on multiple devicesThe design of your new website needs to be done correctly. Websites with bad design or technical problems will not rank well.

Designing a website yourself online could leave you with lots of major, hidden problems that can bring down your rankings. The same goes for hiring a discount or cheap website design company. They simply do not have the checklists and procedures you’ll find at a website design firm like Webstix, who has been around since 2001.

Get not only good design but design that is technically correct so you take advantage of all you can to rank higher – Webstix has this experience!

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