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People around a table with computersWe specialize in website design and information architecture for manufacturing companies, distribution, technology, engineering, and science enterprises—both business-to-business and business-to-consumer—and have been doing so successfully for over 15 years.

You can see many of the premier manufacturing and industrial clients for whom we have designed & constructed beautiful, state-of-the-art websites here.

How are we different from non-specialized website developers?

You will find that non-specialized website developers typically begin with graphic design & coding before considering the marketing message, in no small part because they typically lack any marketing communications professionals on staff—let alone ones who are conversant in manufacturing, distribution, technology, engineering, and science. Thus, they get things backwards. How?

  • Beauty is important—but your website design should accommodate your marketing message, not the other way around. You should not have to shoehorn your marketing message into a "cool" design that was developed by someone who lacks an adequate understanding or respect for your manufacturing, distribution, technology, engineering, or science company.
  • Your website information architecture should be developed before the design itself, not as an afterthought. You have many marketing messages you need to communicate: your positioning, differentiation, features, benefits, and more. The order in which they are presented—and how one must navigate among them—should drive your website design, not just the esthetics.


Man using a computerThe points of differentiation for manufacturing, distribution, technology, engineering, and science businesses are often complicated and a challenge to explain, especially if you need to persuade more than one audience.

For example, the marketing message that interests a VP of Operations might be very different from what motivates a Plant Manager and far removed from what will convince a CFO to buy your product or service.

Crafting a hierarchy of messages to engage all three at the level they need requires good facility with science, technology, and engineering terminology and logic.

In sum, your content should enhance your credibility—not detract from it. Grammar and usage should be impeccable. Descriptions should be concise and engaging. You need a copywriter who also has the wherewithal to understand, appreciate, and explain your manufacturing, distribution, technology, engineering, or science enterprise. Intelligence counts.

We are a complete website design, engineering, maintenance, hosting, and online marketing firm.

People looking at a computer monitorTypically, non-specialized "full service" marketing or advertising firms are great at graphic design and good enough at coding. But once finished, they leave you with the task of finding the best host and the most cost-effective hosting package: probably not your interest—let alone your expertise. And when something goes wrong or needs to be updated, it will be between you and the telephone menu of a faraway hosting service.

In contrast, we have a dedicated maintenance staff. Ongoing maintenance of your website is available on an as-needed basis. And your request for it is managed personally by one of our principals, because it is one of his most important roles in our company. As well, you will be advised of recommended updates, security threats, and other concerns that are part-and-parcel of owning & operating a corporate website—and that you do not want to face alone.

Contact Webstix today to find out more about how we can help your manufacturing business work better online.

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