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Mobile App Development

Interested in Developing a Mobile App for Your Business?

At Webstix, we're into mobile app development now. We've quoted a number of projects and some are in the works. We're often asked what a mobile app would cost and what needs to get done to create it. Here's some information which you may find useful.

"Can You Build Me an App? How Much Will it Cost?"

Asking that is kind of like asking a home builder, "Can you build me a house? How much will it cost?"

The builder is going to want to know a lot more before geting you a quote, right?

  • How big is it?
  • How many rooms?
  • How big are they?
  • How many bathrooms?
  • Is there a garage?
  • How big is the garage?
  • How many levels?
  • (and so on).

He's going to want to know what your plans are. If you can show up with some ready-made blueprints, then that's another story.

The Trick With App Building

If you want to have an app for people to download that just does exactly what your website already does, then that might not fly. Apple, for one, is looking more closely at apps before they approve them now. If they look at the app and your website and they both do the same thing, then they don't see the value in offering it to their users in their app store and, chance are, the app will not get approved/published. Think like Apple for a minute... they want to offer value to their customers and not just a lot of junky apps, right?

For example, what would really get Apple's attention and allow your app to be approved is if it used features that are in the phone. For example, the potentiometer. If moving the phone did something useful, then you sir, have an app!

What Goes Into App Creation?

Time and planning and lots of it. We'll have to meet with you and first go over all that the app should do. After it's in writing, we go into the storyboarding phase. That's on your dime, of course. Storyboarding is essentially the blueprints. The first round is developed and we present them and get your feedback. We then make changes and go into the second round. That keeps happening until every detail is nailed down and every needed function is planned. At that point, we can get you an estimate on the cost of developing the app. We'll figure out how many hours need to go into research, development and testing. If you're not happy with our estimate, then you have the plans and are welcome to shop it around.

Once the project is approved, we receive your deposit and get going. The timeline is set and our team gets to work. We'll keep you updated every week but you might not see anything for a little while because we'll be busy working. There will probably be a phase where you see designs / renderings done. We'll need your approval there. There might also be some other items to approve.

Next, you'll see a working demo of your app. You'll see our progress and we'll take your feedback and make changes. This keeps on happening until we get to the final product.

The final app is then submitted to your desired app stores. We then wait for approval of the mobile app. If the app store wants changes done to the app, then we'll have to go back and make those changes until it gets accepted.

The project is then completed.


That's a rough outline of what goes into developing a mobile app. It's a process that will take several months. Each step must be carefully planned. It's much easier to move things around and make changes at the storyboarding level than later on in the process.

If you are interested in app development, please contact Webstix and let us know what you are interested in.


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