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WordPress Website Design and Development

WordPress logoWordPress websites are great and it's the platform running more websites that any other platform out there. It's great software that's free and it has a huge library of themes (designs), plugins and software.

Here at Webstix in Madison, WI, we've been using WordPress for years. We can troubleshoot WordPress and we're even developing WordPress plugins. Our expert team can help you with virtually anything you need with your WordPress website - if you're in Wisconsin or any other part of the world.

When you own a WordPress website, you'll need things like training, website hardening, support and upgrades because your website isn't just serving up static pages but each page is created dynamically using the WordPress software. You need your website to run fast, run smoothly and work well.

Our expert team can help you get and keep your website running smoothly.

WordPress Website Services

Webstix is a full-service WordPress website design firm. We offer:

We do it all!

Since WordPress is software that is running on your website, it needs to be maintained to ensure your website doesn't get compromised / hacked, runs fast and runs smoothly - doing its job.

The core software, themes and plugins/extensions need to stay up to date. Doing this alone greatly helps to ensure you don't get hacked. You can get even further protection by doing website hardening.

The Problem With WordPress Website Developers Today

There is a good amount of website owners (business owners) who don't even know they're running WordPress - let alone know they need to keep it up to date!

Their website designer set it up for them but didn't give them training, support or even tell them how to login - in some cases. We hear this story all the time. All of a sudden, that developer moves or becomes unavailable or doesn't respond to emails and you're wondering what to do. We've helped numerous businesses get out of this hole, get updated and get the necessary support they need.

check-markBusinesses get into this situation because WordPress is relatively easy to set up. It's easy to throw a theme (design) in place, add a logo, add a few pages and call it a day. The problem there is that the work is really only about 80% of the way done. We have a checklist of over 144 items we check over when launching a WordPress website. We make sure it's done right!

When a website isn't set up the right way, your business suffers. Getting 80% there is fine but not when your competition is doing that extra 20%. That's the edge they need to stay ahead of you in rankings and get more website traffic, leads and business. Why hand over that edge to your competition?

Instead, have Webstix check over your website. We'll be happy to provide you with a report showing your website score. We then include a report stating what needs to be fixed and how much it will cost. We explain why these things need to be done so that you understand the benefits.

Doing this is really a "no-brainer" because this kind of work typically only needs to be done once. Once it's done, you get the benefits of that work on into the future - like every day. We see our clients' rankings improve after just getting things done the right way.

After it's done, our clients wish they did this sooner or wish they would have had us develop their website in the first place. You don't know what you don't know, right?

Full Service is What We Do!


When we develop your website, we can do custom design starting with wire frames and get things exactly how you want them or we can start with a pre-made theme if you're on a tighter budget. Either way, you'll still get our proven, 144 point+ launch checklist performed because we won't waver on those standards.

After design, we'll give you training on how to use your website. The training can be done in person - at your place or ours - or else online via a private, interactive webinar. We include training videos when you get a trial of our Website Care program. If you ever have questions, just let us know. We don't start the meter running when you contact us - unlike our competition. We want to help you use the website we developed for you and we want to keep you as a client for years and years.

Our Website Care program helps ensure your website stays up to date and running smoothly by checking for software updates weekly. Your website is only as strong as its weakest link and that point is what hackers look for and it's the only thing they need to gain access to do whatever they want to do.

There's a very real cyber war going on. If you ever want to see it, we can send you server logs and show how servers are constantly under attack. The best defense is just keeping your software up to date since hackers are lazy and go for easy targets - not websites that are up to date or websites that have had hardening (pro-active security) done to them.

Contact Webstix Today!

Let's talk more about how Webstix can provide WordPress website design services in Madison, WI (or anywhere else) and help you keep your website running, smoothly, running fast and working for your business as an online salesperson.

Contact us to find our more about how our experts can give your business a competitive edge online.

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