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Professional Website Design in Madison, WI

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We Design Websites that Help Your Business Grow

Small and medium sized businesses in Madison, WI need website design that will give them a return on their investment. They don't have time to sit and learn how to create a website - they have to run their business. We get that! When you hire Webstix, there are no dumb questions. We know you're not website designers. You know you need a website but you're not familiar with all that needs to get done to make that happen and make it a success. That's why you are contacting us - for help. Webstix, the leading web design company in Madison is ready to help you build a successful website.

Website Design That Simply Works Better

Pretty much everyone has a website now, right? New businesses need a website, of course, but any business that has been around a while has a website. The World Wide Web has been around since the early 1990s, so the Web is by no means new. What is new is having more than "just a website." Every business today needs a website that:

  • Produces leads and sales
  • Is easy to navigate
  • Loads quickly
  • Provides an outstanding user experience for your customers
  • Is easy to update and add content to
  • Ranks well in searches (search engine friendly)

Multiple Calls to Action

A good website needs multiple calls to action at different strengths - all the way from asking someone to buy down to asking people to like your Facebook page... and everything in between. You need to give your audience multiple ways to interact with you in order to get more leads and sales.

Design That Works = Higher Rankings = More Sales/Leads

The design of your new website needs to be done correctly. Websites with bad design or technical problems will not rank well. Designing a website yourself online could leave you with lots of major, hidden problems that can bring down your rankings. The same goes for hiring a discount or cheap website design company. They simply do not have the checklists and procedures you'll find at a website design firm like Webstix, who has been around since 2001. Get not only good design but design that is technically correct so you take advantage of all you can to rank higher - Webstix, the premier company for web design in Madison, WI has this experience! Webstix has been around since 2001 and we've created hundreds of great websites in the Madison, WI area and the world. We've done work for agencies on major websites. Our Website Maintenance department is second to none.

Madison, WI Office

Webstix has an office in beautiful Madison, Wisconsin. If you're located in the Madison, WI area, contact our company headquarters and set up a meeting for your Madison website design project. We'd be happy to set up a meeting to talk about your web design project. Our address and phone in Madison, WI:

Webstix 2820 Walton Commons Ln. Suite 108
Madison, WI 53718 (Map)

We're located near the World Dairy Center on Madison's east side near where the Beltline and Interstate meet. For directions to our office, please see our map page.

Contact Us

Do You Want to Improve Your Online Presence?

You can give us a call (608-277-7849) or fill out this quick form and we will contact you. We would be happy to discuss your project and give you a no-obligation quote. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

What is Web Development?

In short, the definition of web development is that it's the general term for all things having to do with creating a website. Here's how Wikipedia defines it:

Web development is a broad term for the work involved in developing a website for the Internet (World Wide Web) or an intranet (a private network). Web development can range from developing the simplest static single page of plain text to the most complex web-based internet applications, electronic businesses, and social network services. A more comprehensive list of tasks to which web development commonly refers, may include web design, web content development, client liaison, client-side/server-side scripting, web server and network security configuration, and e-commerce development. Among web professionals, "web development" usually refers to the main non-design aspects of building web sites: writing markup and coding.

They're saying that website development is more the technical, non-design aspects of building a website which include programming, writing HTML and doing coding (JavaScript, CSS, etc.) Webstix does both web development and design. This means we can handle everything from the initial brainstorming meeting to wire frame designs to design mockups to coding and programming, too. We're more full service than just doing web development but if that's what you need, we can certainly do that.

Website Developers in Madison, WI

Webstix covers the Madison, WI area along with Wisconsin and Northern Illinois and beyond. We have clients in all parts of the United States as well as around the world. We have some clients we've never met face to face and we've done several website design projects for them. If you live in or around Madison, you know about all the great things of this community.


We know that clients want full-service web design in the Madison area. They want us to bring our consulting to the table, too. We provide new ideas and a new perspective to their company, which they are looking for. Getting those ideas going helps make website design projects go smoothly and be successful. We have knowledge and expertise from many different industries which is a strength because we see things that work well in one industry and we translate them to work in another industry. If you need something as simple as a brochure type website, we can help. If you need something that has a lot of custom programming, we'd be glad to talk with you and help you with that project as well. If it's not a good fit for us, we'll tell you because we want any project we do to be a win-win situation for both our clients and us.

Serving Wisconsin

Webstix has worked with many organizations and businesses in the Madison, WI area including cities like Stoughton, Fitchburg, Cottage Grove, Sun Prairie, De Forest, Middleton, Verona, Cross Plains, Lake Mills, Waunakee and Mount Horeb. We extend our service state-wide into Milwaukee, Kenosha and into Northern Wisconsin as well.

Outside of Madison

We have also worked on projects with other businesses not in our area. We have clients in states like Tennessee, Florida, New Jersey, Maryland, Colorado and even some international clients as well in places like Europe and South America. We work well over the phone, over email and can also teleconference with you about your website design project. We even have some clients that we've never met face-to-face and the projects have been a success.

The Website Design Process

At Webstix, the website design company, we typically talk or meet with you about your design, programming or SEO project and then we would present you with a Website Project Proposal which explains what we will deliver and what the costs are. Once that is signed, we get to work on your project. It's that simple.

Fixed Pricing

The pricing doesn't change unless the scope changes and then, in that case, we will let you know the costs before we proceed. You're never stuck with an unexpected bill at the end of your projects - just ask our clients. If you have questions or would like to get started on getting your website heading in the right direction, then contact Webstix today!

Why Do People Choose Webstix?

Why we're in business is because if you could set up a great website that ranked well yourself, you would just do it yourself. It turns out that many people don't have this kind of geeky knowledge readily available. Besides just knowing how to do something, you want a partner that can creatively come up with ideas that you haven't thought of yet. Webstix has worked with clients in many different vertical markets / industries. What works well in one type of market can be adapted and used in another. We do it all the time with lots of success! I think a big reason people choose Webstix is our design. Any one-man shop out there can set up a website. Heck, you could hire someone online in another country to do it for you or even your website host can do it today with a few clicks in the control panel. What you need is a team working for you and our designers play a crucial role. Our website designs are beautiful but yet are clean and professional. It takes skill to make a website not look cluttered and convert website visitors into customers.

Should You Get a Cheap Website?

There are these offers out there for free or cheap websites and you can build them online and they submit your website to Google. OK, anyone can do that. Since everyone is doing that, how are you going to stand out and be in front of your competition? You can't. You are putting yourself on the same (or on a lower) playing field than everyone else when you get a cheap website. You get what you pay for with cheap / free websites... a cheap website.

How Much Does Webstix Charge for Website Design?

The price of website design in Wisconsin is, of course, variable. We're not building the same exact website for everyone. One thing we try to avoid is "nickel and diming" our clients to death. That's no fun - for us or you. We anticipate changes and areas where we know you'll need help. We do our best to include that in our work. If something comes up (which is Ok to do) and we see the scope of the project changing, we will let you know so that you can decide which way to go. That's only fair. Webstix isn't the cheapest place in town but you don't want the cheapest place in town, right? Many of our clients have tried the rest. They've tried the cheap website design companies out there and have been burned. We've heard all the stories about the"web guy" that doesn't respond or the one who leaves town all of a sudden. It's sad and we do our best to work with clients like that because it's an all too familiar story. Webstix is also not the most expensive either - find out for yourself!

Why Spend Money on a Good Website?

People have the Internet in their pocked - on their phones now and can view web pages anywhere they go. People have had access to the Web at their homes and offices / places of work for years and years now. With so much access to the web, people are going to look for what your business offers on the web - from wherever they are. Gone are the days of Yellow Pages ads. It's all on the web now because that's where people are searching. A good website design company in Madison will get you a website that contains the following:

  • Great design
  • Multiple calls to action / ways to get leads or sales
  • Testing in all modern website browsers (including mobile devices) so that the website looks good
  • On-site SEO (search engine optimization)
    • Search engine friendly (SEF) URLs
    • Optimized page titles
    • Optimized meta tags
    • Optimized copy/text
  • Off-site SEO (inbound links to rank you higher)
  • A website that you can update yourself
  • A blog so that you can easily add more content regularly
  • A strategy so that you can continue to rank higher than your competition and get more leads

Websites today take more than just the one-man-shop. You need a team:

  • Sales and Marketing Specialists
  • Website Designers
  • Website and Database Programmers
  • SEO and Promotion Experts
  • Website Testers
  • Project Managers and Consultants
  • Website Maintenance Specialists

Our team approaches puts a group of experts on your project so that it's the best it can be. Clicking a few buttons on an automated website builder won't do nearly what you need done.

Invest in Your Website

What you put into your website now will pay off for years and years. The correct set up is what Google and other search engines are looking for. Mistakes now can put you far behind and make it harder and harder to catch up as your competition catapults ahead. Don't put your company in that situation. The investment you make in your website pays off again and again into the future. There's really no time to waste. Contact Webstix today.

Website Financing Options Available

Webstix in Madison, WI
2820 Walton Commons Ln.
Suite 108
Madison, WI 53718
608-277-7849 608-661-8529
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