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About Us

Webstix Website Maintenance

Webstix has been creating and maintaining websites since 2001 and we’re based in Madison, Wisconsin. Webstix does website design, programming, promotion, marketing, and maintenance. Our clients are all over the United States and the world. Many of our maintenance clients have turned into clients that need website projects done. With some of them, we’ve done multiple projects with them while we’ve never met face to face. Projects have gone smoothly and they return to us to get more work done.

Our Maintenance Department has been going strong for years and years now. We started doing website maintenance as most website companies do. We’d have our group of programmers and HTML developers who were working on projects and then a maintenance request would come in. We’d then have to pull programmers of their projects to take care of these smaller requests. We found that doing this disrupted the momentum on the project and the maintenance work sometimes wasn’t done the best that it could have been.

Website Maintenance Problems Solved!

To solve this problem, we created a Website Maintenance Department to handle these requests. It has worked really well. Instead of pulling people off of projects, we have a team of people ready and waiting to receive maintenance work from our clients or anyone else who needs work done. The result is that we can turn around most work within 24-48 hours while still maintaining our high standards.

Internally, we only put our best people on maintenance projects. They have to prove that they can jump from project to project, from website to website and quickly understand what needs to be done and then do the work to get the job done. You’re not getting interns. They sometimes have to troubleshoot and diagnose problems on websites that they’ve never worked on. We very often need to quickly become familiar with websites we’ve never seen before and do our best to give accurate quotes on work that needs to be done.

High Standards

We understand that our clients need a problem solved or task completed. They don’t want to send their work in and end up having more problems than they started with. Because of this, we do more testing and have more processes in place than our competition. No, we’re not the cheapest website maintenance company out there but we do more and deliver quality work with higher standards. This, in turn, ends up saving you money in the form of less headaches and issues. We get things done right the first time.

With each website maintenance project, we:

  • Take backups of files and databases so that the work can be restored if needed.
  • Test our work in the latest 2 versions of major web browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari).
  • Write a maintenance log that is kept on your website for future reference. We note which files were updated and what work was performed.
  • Write a report to you that includes URLs (web page addresses) showing you the completed work.

Work is Guaranteed!

  • If the work was not done right, we’ll fix it. No extra charge!
  • If you give us new information about what needs to be done, we will re-quote the work.

We take this work seriously and will do our best to make sure you are satisfied so that we can continue to have you as a client into the future. If you run into any problems at all or have any questions, please contact us so that we can help you.

Get the Work Done Now

We’ll be happy to quote the work you want done. There’s no charge for that. We know you need to get your website updated and these tasks done and off your plate or to-do list. We’re the solution! We can handle small tasks as well as ongoing website maintenance contracts. Our Maintenance Department is ready for any amount of work that might come in. We’re efficient and maintain high standards so that we don’t cause you more trouble. That’s not how maintenance should work. We communicate and get back to you right away. You won’t have to ask us how things are going because we continually report on our progress.

Get started with your website maintenance work today with Webstix!