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We Have All Kinds of Website Maintenance Clients

We’ve been in business since 2001, so we’ve worked with about every kind of business owner out there. We’ve worked with everything from restaurants to doggy dating to selling pigs online to day care facilities and plumbers to manufacturers of products. What we found is, they all need our help – sooner or later.

We realize that business owners need to run their business. That’s their primary focus. We’re in the same boat because we also need to run our business. Sometimes we’re so busy that updating our own website takes a lower priority. It happens, so we get it. But that’s why we’re in business. Leave the website to us – the experts!

Plumber with giant wrenchYou Use Experts for Other Things

Think about it… when your appliances at home break, you call an expert, right? When your car breaks down, you go to the mechanic. When a pipe bursts, you call a plumber. When you need a new roof, you call a roofing company. You get the people who have extensive knowledge and experience to get the work done right.

The same goes with your website and your website is vital for your business.

And We’re Kind of Unique – Which is Good for You!

Something you don’t see all the time is a website design company that also has its own, dedicated website maintenance department. That’s where there’s a group of web developers ready to handle smaller requests (instead of full-on website design projects) and this has a few, nice advantages:

  1. We’re not bothering project developers to work on small requests
  2. We can turn around work relatively quickly (our clients love this)
  3. We can be your web department because of our unique pricing, which makes it affordable
  4. Our team is used to jumping into new projects and coming up with solutions and help

We found (many, many years ago) that when you pull a developer off a project to do something else, they lose a lot of momentum. They’re also not happy about being taken off their project to do something else. Instead, we want to keep our project developers happy and we set up a team to just handle maintenance requests.

When we have company meetings, I always praise our Maintenance Team because of the outstanding job they do. Unlike a project, where you have more time to get through things, with maintenance, they have to jump in and out of several projects a day. They’re in the trenches, working hard and they’re just great.

The benefit to you is a team of maintenance veterans who have built up their coding muscles to help you with website errors, design help, website content updates, website software updates, and tons more. You get to take advantage of their hard work and finally get website issues off your to-do list!

So give us a try!

Special Offer

Become a Webstix Website Maintenance client today. We have a special offer for you where you get 2 hours of help for just $87.

Here is How we Work

Woman trying to get work done at the office

With Maintenance Blocks, there are no retainers and you can use the blocks on your schedule, not ours. Each “block” is 30 minutes of time. We can get a lot of things done in 30 minutes.

For example, we can update a couple of images, change text on a few pages, maybe add a new page or make updates and changes on a couple of places. Here’s what happens:

  • We get an email from you, and maybe a follow up phone call (and we always call you if we have questions).
  • We then do the work.
  • When we are done, we’ll double-check our work in the most common browsers and we have a Tester on staff that checks everything over.
  • When we’re satisfied the work is done right, and that it looks great, we’ll get back to you with an email.

Even though we can get a lot done within a 30 minute time frame, there’s always some time that goes towards understanding your requirements, reading your email, doing the work, testing the work and then getting back to you with a quick report. This is why we have 30-minute minimum.

Here’s more information about our Maintenance Block system:

Once the blocks are purchased and we have all the necessary information from your end, we will start working on the website.

The first thing to do is get a quote. There’s no obligation and we’re happy to help you.

Give us a try!

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