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All WordPress Website Owners MUST READ This!

Do you have a WordPress website for your company or organization? If so, there’s some important information you need to read right now. Don’t skip reading this!

We’ve put together two killer posts that are important to read. It’ll only take a few minutes and it’s information you should know if your website runs WordPress:

Definitely Get the Latest Version of WordPress (

Help With WordPress Updates/Upgrades (

Most WordPress websites aren’t up to date. Most WordPress website owners don’t update their plugins and themes when updates come out. You’re just asking for your website to be broken into!

Your website is a piece of software out on a public computer (website server/host). Right there, you’re asking to be broken into but if you’re leaving windows and doors open, you’re making it so much easier and it’s just a matter of time.

Get Help!

We’re happy to update your WordPress website for you whenever an update comes out. Our experts manually apply updates (core software, plugins and themes) and then test to make sure everything works. We take backups before we start and we can instantly fix any issues that might come up. This keeps your website running smoothly!

Get Set Up NOW!

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