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maint_guy3One of the main keys to having a good website is freshness! When the information and content of your website is updated and changed on a regular basis, it gives the visitors a reason to come back time after time. Change builds traffic! At Webstix, we want to make your website the best it can be and this is one of the reasons behind Maintenance Blocks.

Purchase a pack of Maintenance Blocks from Webstix and make updating your website as easy as sending an email to When we get your email, we will quote how many blocks the update will use (we’ll quote if it’s more than 3 blocks) and then perform the updates to your site and do testing.

You will always know the status of your Maintenance Blocks and what they have been used for by checking your account at View a sample account.

What’s a Maintenance Block?

One block is a half hour of work (30 minutes = 1 block).

A typical half hour (1 block) update could contain the following:

  • Receive the work, look over the files.
  • Do a backup of the website or page being worked on.
  • Update and format the content for 1-3 pages:
    • Update text / content
    • Format, optimize and update images
  • Proof and check the updated work on the live website using major web browsers.
  • Write up and send a detailed report of the work and update the website activity log.

Our team works pretty fast, so we can typically get a lot done in a half hour or an hour. Our goal is to be accurate with our work and test it so there are no problems. We also excel in communication with our clients.

You can submit Maintenance Tickets yourself or email in your request to: Find out the full scoop on our Maintenance Block and website maintenance service. Maintenance Blocks never expire, so that’s plenty of time to use them.

Purchase Maintenance Blocks:

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