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Does Your Website Have a Virus?

When you own a website, there’s maintenance that needs to be done to keep it running smoothly. Sometimes, if that normal maintenance is neglected (or if things weren’t set up well to begin with), hackers can find their way into your website.

Most hackers don’t want to take down your website. Instead, they keep it running, but add their files or scripts. They might host files or add in scripts to send your traffic somewhere else. They might put malware on the site, hoping to get it onto your site visitors’ computers so they can hack those computers and get what they want.

You don’t want your website to become a bad neighborhood. People might even see malware notices on their computer when visiting your website. That’s bad.

If you’re not sure if your website has virus, or if you’re pretty sure it does, we can help!

The team at Webstix can look through your website for as little as $47!

We’ll get you a report about what we find and let you know what it will take to clean things up. We’ve done this a lot for our clients and others.

Just tell us about your website, and we’ll take a look for you – START NOW


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