Affordable Website Management Services Company in WI USA, Web Maintenance Checklist, Pricing

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Hire Us Until You’re Ready for Your Own Website Management Team

If you need updates done to your website (content, software, images, PDF files, etc.), then it makes sense to hire a website maintenance team like we have here at Webstix. We can certainly get the work done quickly and efficiently. Then, eventually, you can hire your own website staff when your business is ready.

On Demand Website Maintenance Services

The best way to get updates done to your website is to just pay for what you need. You might have updates twice a week or twice a month, but why pay for an employee when you don’t need one yet? Employees have lots of costs associated with them like:

  • Health insurance
  • FICA
  • Benefits
  • Bonuses
  • Someone to manage them

When you, as a business owner, hire someone, you need to make a profit on them. What they do for you should be making money or else they should not be working for you… that’s business and it’s simple.

It’s great to hire people but now might not be the right time for your business. Consider using the Webstix Website Maintenance Team where you get an expert team working for you. You get:

  • Free quotes
  • A easy billing system (Maintenance Blocks: 1 “block” = 1/2 hour)
  • Reports and logs of our work
  • Backups of files we change
  • Testing in the latest web browsers
  • Fast turnaround (24-48 hours or less)

Use Us for Now

Go ahead and try Webstix now and when you’re ready to hire your own staff, there will be no hard feelings. Maybe we can still even help you with some more complex things or for advice. Either way, we’re there for you!


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