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Joomla Website Maintenance

We’ve set up a lot of Joomla websites and we’re experts at it. It’s a good CMS (content management system) and we have many websites running it. Joomla websites are easy to maintain – in terms of adding and editing content. The administrative panel is really nice and great for someone who does not do much work on websites. Along with daily maintenance, there are also upgrades/migrations that need to be done.

joomla_logoJoomla Upgrades

One thing about Joomla is that the upgrades aren’t the easiest thing to do. Depending on how your website was set up, it might take a lot of work to do an upgrade.

The main issue with upgrading Joomla is the templates. They often have to be recoded (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) to work right. If you do an upgrade without adjusting or recoding the templates, then your website might break or not work right.

With the latest versions of Joomla, they’re changing things so that responsive website design works fine. That’s a big change but, going forward, upgrades should be less work… although you never know.

Another thing to consider with Joomla upgrades is your hosting plan. You’ll need to make sure your website host uses the latest version of PHP or else Joomla might not work after an upgrade.

All in all, it’s kind of a delicate CMS but it works well. There are a number of things that can go wrong and we’ve seen them all. You need an expert team like ours to completely look things over and do plenty of testing to make sure your Joomla website works fine after you upgrade it. This goes for components, too. Sometimes components clash with each other and, in that case, you either need to make manual/custom changes or choose a different component to use – one where the JavaScript won’t clash/interfere with other code being used.

Again, we’ve seen it all so if you need Joomla website maintenance done, please contact us!


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