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Let Us Help You Complete Your Website Project!

Over the years, we’ve had many clients come to us with a design they had another designer work on but the designer just could not complete the project. We’ve helped these clients get their website launched.

frustrated man with laptopHow This Happens

You know, I get these kinds of designers. Being a designer, you can do a lot in WordPress and it’s really fun to create things. That fun quickly ends when you have to muck around in the code and try to figure out all the technical stuff. The project grinds to a halt because the fun part of being a web designer has quickly turned into horrible work they don’t want to do.

This isn’t these designers’ fault, really. They’re doing what they love most of the time. They’re good designers and are having fun. The problem, to them, is you – the client. They wonder why you’re so picky when what they’ve done so far is really great. This can actually get them a little frustrated, too. They’re taking the website about 80% there and there’s 20% left but that last part is just not suited to how they’re wired. This is natural and it happens, so don’t blame them, really.

laptops in an officeHow to Fix It

If you want to keep using a website designer like this, that’s fine. Maybe you like their style or how they work. Just know that in order to get your project 100% done and across the finish line, you’ll need another partner like Webstix.

We’ve done this kind of thing many, many times and we’re happy to do it. You see, we have a team of designers, programmers, testers and SEO people. They work with us in our Website Maintenance Department. This way, you get a whole team of experts – instead of just one design expert who doesn’t excel at doing more technical things.

When we launch websites, we go through a 133-point checklist to make sure our websites are set up correctly, work fast and that they give Google what they want. We can run this same checklist on your project to get it up to spec.

An Example

One project, we got in on Monday of this week that we’re finishing up now is the N1 Critical Lithium Ion website.

We’ve had a meeting with the client and we’re working to help them with every minute detail they need done with this website. These new products of theirs are a big deal and they came to us saying to get this website done right away. We’ve put our expert team on this project and we’re just about there. It should be done on Monday, making it just a week until completion. In our industry, that’s pretty fast!

Contact Webstix

If you have a website project that’s not done that needs some expert help to get it across the finish line, then contact Webstix today. We’ll get you a quote after we find out what you need done and we’ll finally take this project off your back and off your to-do list so that it gets done and launched.

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