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Our Website Maintenance Process

I had a client emailing us today, wondering about our process. As soon as I explained it to her, she understood things more clearly and was happy. I thought I better post this on our website so that our clients understand it better as well since we’re getting a lot of new clients, this will be good for them to see as well.

Here’s what I wrote:

One Maintenance Block (30 minutes) is our minimum. When we get a task or list of tasks to do, here is our typical process:

1. Check the request, see if anything else is needed and get started, if possible.

2. Go into the website and find the correct page to edit.

3. Take a backup of the old content, if needed (WordPress now does this automatically).

4. Change the content / do the work.

5. Write a report and send it to the Tester.

6. The Tester checks the work and does a cross-browser check if needed.

7. The tested work goes back to the original programmer.

8. The work is recorded in a file on the website server so that there’s a history of changes and work being done on the server.

9. The report is written, your Maintenance Blocks account updated and you get a report with links or a screen shot to see the completed work.

We can certainly handle more than just one request in a half hour and that’s why many of our clients save up a few requests to send to us at a time. For this update, if you have another, small request, then please send it in and we’ll take care of it for no charge.

We do more steps than most people might think. We have learned that it’s best to have these checks in place to help ensure that we’re delivering quality work. We get less work coming back to be done again and that makes our clients happy and we’re happy about that, too!

And then here’s something else I explained to a client when she was asking about out QA and PM processes:

– With QA, we’re doing Quality Assurance, which is testing. Websites today need to work in the latest versions of major website browsers. We do the work and then do testing and then fix any errors to help ensure that website visitors coming to your website see everything correctly, which helps your website provide the best user experience possible.

– With Project Management, we nee someone to manage different aspects of the projects. If we didn’t have a Project Manager, this time would be split amongst other tasks but when we bring in another person to manage a project, the quality goes up and it actually saves time.

If you have any updates you need done to your website, please give us a try!


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