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Problems With Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance Issues


It’s pretty easy to admit that website development companies do not have a reputation for being on time delivering projects and updates to websites. We hear about it all the time. People can’t believe that Webstix can get updates done really quickly.

I thought I’d go over some reasons why there are problems getting website maintenance done to help better educate our future clients.

Dedicated Website Maintenance Teams

I think the main reason why there are problems with website maintenance is that most web companies do not have dedicated teams for doing updates to websites. They have to pull developers off of projects to take care of updating some other website that they might or might not be familiar with. This slows momentum on the project(s) they’re working on. It’s also not enjoyable for a programmer or developer to switch gears and hop on a web maintenance issue. They don’t like to do it – it’s a distraction.

If it’s a distraction to do this work, then do you think it’s going to be done well? If it’s not done well, then it’ll come back to them to do again, which makes it now not fun at all. If they’re not motivated to do this work, then it’s just not going to have good results. You only get out of it what you put into it, right?

The best situation is to get your work to a team that’s waiting for it – a dedicated website maintenance team. They’re used to switching projects and your work doesn’t take them off other work. You work is their work. In this case, you’ll get work that is done much better and much faster. You’ve got professional website maintenance people working on your website. It’s the ideal situation and a win-win for everyone.

Work Done Out of House?

If a website design company that does maintenance work does not have enough full time staff, then they have to hire out the work. This means that they have to find whomever they can to work on your website. Maybe these people have never seen your website before or don’t want to do the work but will take it because it’s some work to do.

Plus, when the work is done out of house, your FTP and website credentials get into yet another set of hands. How secure is that? Where does that info go? How protected is your website when lots of different people have access to it? It’s like asking someone off the street to update your website.

Again, it’s best to have a dedicated, full-time team working on your project. They know the history of your website and work more efficiently.

Long Term Contracts

If you are in a website maintenance contract with a developer, then where is the motivation? They get paid about the same if the work is done quickly or not. Your work can easily find its way down to the bottom of the pile this way.

When you work with a firm that just charges you for the work they do, then they will want to get your work done quickly so that you buy more time from them. This, too, is a win-win situation because you only pay for the time that is spent on a website update project.


There are more points but these are just a few that come to mind. We don’t really understand these stories about how people wait weeks for some website updates to get done. We quote our work before we do it and give clear answers to questions that we get. We very often provide our clients with a few options when they ask for something to be done if they’re asking for new website features. We understand that you want options and some control.

Our team strives to get work done in 48 hours or less. You’ll hear back from us when you submit questions and work to us and your projects don’t get lost because we have a ticketing system.

Check out our website maintenance services today.


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