Regular Website Content Updates, Web Design Maintenance, Joomla or WordPress Upgrades

Regular Website Updates
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Regular Website Updates

maint_guy2Regular Website Updates and Maintenance

With regular updates, your website’s content is fresh and kept current. Not only is this beneficial for the people that come to visit your website but it’s also necessary to keep adding content to your website in order to maintain high rankings in search engine results.

“I Don’t Know How to Update my Website”

We realize that not every business owner knows how to update their website. They might not even know where to start because they’re busy running their business. We get that. To help small to medium sized business owners and organizations, we’ve come up with our website maintenance service. You simply tell us what to do and we do it – rather quickly, too!

Website Maintenance Services for You

Webstix sells maintenance “blocks” to our clients. A block is a half hour of our time. Clients can use as many blocks as they have on account for project and buy more whenever they need them.

One block (half hour) of work may consist of:

  • Receiving work and opening site files
  • Updating and formatting 1-2 pages
    • About 5000 characters of text
    • About 2 images
  • Proofing and spell checking updated work with the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari
  • Uploading updates to the live website
  • Test the live site for errors
  • Write up a log of the work done and complete a report that you get detailing the work completed


We’ve had this system for years now and our clients love it. It’s easy to use and billing is simple when you pre-pay for packs of Maintenance Blocks. You can authorize certain people to send in requests for your company so that every update doesn’t have to go through you. We’re flexible and will set this up however you want.

Please see your Webstix Account Representative for more details or call Webstix to start keeping your web site up to date.