Affordable Website Management Services Company in WI USA, Web Maintenance Checklist, Pricing

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Try Our Website Updates Service

If you need help with your website and getting it changed or updated, then we invite you to try our service. It’s for business owners and website owners that need their website changed and updated but just don’t have the time, don’t know how to do it or just want that task crossed off their to-do list.

Who to Choose?

When you choose a company to work on your website, you want to make sure you hire an expert team. Every website out there is different, so a company that has years of experience under their belt will be ready for any situation they might encounter. With the “team” approach, you’re not just getting one person but a group. One person is good at programming, another with design, another with style sheets, another with SEO and so on. You really do get more for your money this way.

The Benefits

When you keep your website updated, you get to take advantage of many benefits:

  • Information on your website is not out of date. Old contact info or pricing or events are things you want to have current so that your customers have the right information. They’re expecting your website to be current. Old information leads to distrust. Gain more trust by staying on top of it.
  • Search engines do like seeing new content on your website – and guess what? So do people!
  • If you add some great content to your website that’s focusing on specific keywords, then Google can use that as a search result. Having focused content also helps search engines classify your website better since there’s more information on it. Keep adding content.
  • Your website looks up to date and this is important for a good, first impression. More people and prospective clients find your website before picking up the phone, so put your best foot forward with a website that’s not old looking.

Cost and Trial Packages

If you want to just try us out, we have trial packages. It’s just $47 for one hour of work. Give us a try and see if you like how we work or not – you don’t have much to lose.

After that, we work on a fee of $115/hour but you get discounted pricing if you prepay that time.

The time is broken down into 1/2 hour blocks, so 1 Maintenance Block equals a half hour of time. Two blocks is one hour. Discounts start when you buy a 6-pack, 12-pack, 24-pack or even a 48-pack of blocks. This is not per month, it’s your time that you can use whenever you want.

If something wasn’t done right, then just let us know and we’ll fix it for free. We want you to be a happy Webstix website maintenance client of ours for years to come!


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