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Website Content Updates

website-content-updates2I got a call today and she was asking if we do website content updates and what the difference is between website maintenance and updating content (text, images, downloads) on a website. Good question!

Website maintenance might include things like updating the software the runs the website or maybe creating a form or changing the navigation or making sure the website works well after major web browsers come out with a new version. There’s a lot that fits into the “website maintenance” bucket, so we keep it pretty general when we talk about it. Really, we’ll do about anything you need done with your website.

With website content updates, we’re talking about updating text (copy) or images or files that are downloaded from a page. If you need graphics made, we can do that. We can also add events to a calendar or photos to a photo gallery.

Website Maintenance Cost

We work in half hour chunks of time, which we call “Maintenance Blocks” and we use that amount of time for a few reason. First, we not only do the work but we also take a backup of files that will change, do testing in different web browsers to make sure it works, we keep of log of changed files on the server (so that us or future developers see what has changed) and then write up a report for you. All of that takes about a half hour. Second, if you have a few things you need done, it’s more economical to save a few of them up and have us do the all at once.

We have had this Maintenance Blocks system for years now and our clients really like it. I might also point out that we haven’t raised our rates in years. Yes, we’ll eat the inflation and pass it on to you. We’d rather work on getting more happy clients than raise the price and squeeze nickles and dimes out of people. That’s our philosophy. We might need to eventually raise prices some day but for now, prices are frozen. Also, if you buy a bunch of Maintenance Blocks, they’re good for 5 years, so you might as well stock up and save money.

Send Us Your Work!

We’ve been signing up a bunch of new clients lately. They’re taking advantage of our new client offer (which is quite a deal – are we nuts?) and we’re getting the work done for them. Our team is really great. They understand what you’re after and don’t come back with a million questions – they just “get it” and I love that. We hire smart people.

The sooner you update your website, the sooner you benefit from those updates. Google likes websites that have quality content, don’t have errors and are actively posting new content. Make that investment today that will pay off over and over into the future!


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