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Website Maintenance – Just Like Anything Else

Do you own a car? Do you own a house? If you do or don’t own either one, you still know that each of them requires maintenance. They need to be maintained if you want them to work properly. Cars need oil changes, tires and brakes. A house needs a good roof, windows and paint to be protected.

The same goes with your website.

A website left on its own, without regular maintenance and upkeep will fall apart or fall in rankings – or both.

If you have a website that runs on software, then you have to do upgrades to the software that runs it. It’s the same thing as running the Windows updates on your computer. Software must be upgraded to take care of security holes and run smoothly. Also, very often, the software running the web server/service is upgraded and old software goes out of date. When that happens, your website software might be so old that your website just stops working.

Without doing updates to content, the content usually gets old and stale. Also, other websites might come out with better information and that will also push your website down in rankings.

Budgeting for Website Maintenance and Upgrades

If you haven’t budgeted for website maintenance and upkeep, then make sure you’re setting aside time or money to get this done.

A short time ago, you placed a Yellow Pages ad and that’s all you needed to do all year. There was no maintenance – it was done. Today, you get to change your Yellow Pages ad essentially when you have your own website. For that to work, it costs time and money for the wonderful convenience. It’s a different world now, so it’s time to adapt.

We Make it Easy – NO Contracts

We get new clients all the time. They ask us to quote the tasks they need done, we get them the quote and then we get approval for the work. Soon after that, it’s done. It’s completed for your review and it’s off your list. Very easy.

There are no contracts, so you can use our website maintenance service when you want. It’s on demand. This helps you save money. Our clients really love how we have things set up.

Sometimes we don’t hear from clients for 6 months. That’s fine. We’ll be here now and then whenever you need updates done. There’s no member fee or anything like that. This is open to the public and you’re free to use our service whenever you need it.

Send us what you need done and we’ll be happy to get back to you with a free quote!


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