Website Maintenance Testimonials
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Website Maintenance Testimonials

Here are some of the testimonials we’ve received from our website maintenance clients:

“Very fast service. No lag time, which is appreciated when my business is generated from my website.”
– Lenny W.

“I like how the Webstix Maintenance team is always checking our site regularly looking out for updates or issues. I like that I don’t have to worry about it.”
– Alana F.

“Webstix has an excellent process. They respond quickly to requests. Always able to deliver what I need.”
– George K.

“Thank you for the quick fix and for making an additional fix to prevent the problem from recurring.”
– Jay M.

“No need to look elsewhere – you guys are reliable, quick and proficient.”
– Tim F.

“Thanks for the quick work on resolving some issues that may have been slowing down the load time for my website.”
– Jay M.

“Webstix does a great job with our website. Quickly responds to issues that may need attention.”
– Patti S.

“Very satisfied with the level of care and great communication. Wish I could have convinced my husband sooner that we were being ripped off by another company who charged six times the price and didn’t do the work, thinking we would never know. Done with that! I would definitely recommend Webstix to anybody who needs any kind of help with their website.”
– Sharon Y.

“No matter how complex or simple my technological issue, Webstix provides service in a timely, cost-effective, and friendly manner. Thank you for the peace of mind you offer.”
– Tracey G.

“I would recommend Webstix to anyone. They have been great to work with no complaints at all.”
– Holly C.

“Webstix staff did my fix perfectly in an amazingly short time. It took me a while to find Webstix, but now that I have, I will always use Webstix for anything to do with website building and maintenance and will recommend Webstix highly.”

“Joe is great about responding to emails, even if he can’t complete the work immediately. He keeps you in the know as to when it will be completed. Definitely good practice… thanks!”
– Austin S.

“Lennart and Joe made the process so easy. There were several corrections and changes to our website that needed to be corrected and within a day or so, they were all taken care of.”
– AP

“Thanks for making this a painless issue.”

“I am so impressed with the beautiful website Webstix designed for me! The content goes into detail that I had not thought to create on my own. Another thing that is great about working with Webstix is that they move the project along. Updates, requests for information and feedback as well as the general communication of what is happening and how the project is coming along is incredibly refreshing.”
– Cathy R.

“We’re always pleased with the timely response from the Webstix team and communication. Thank you!”
– Sarah C.

“I would like to thank the Webstix team for completing the work in a timely fashion. You have my complete confidence for any technical task that I bring to the table. I highly recommend the service.”
– Lenny W.

“Everybody I spoke to was very nice,respectful and helpful. I want to look into having some more changes made and I will definitely be back in touch.”
– SJ

“Everything was done so smoothly!”
– Karen M

“The Webstix Staff are professional and efficient. Mr. Herman, Madhan and Team always respond quickly to our concerns and address them immediately. We am very please with their services. Having multiple websites, we can not afford to have any of them go off line. We can trust the Webstix Team will be there for any issues that we may encounter. We would recommend the Webstix Team to anyone looking for professional and fast website and blog services.”
– Tim & Doreen H.

“You have been able deliver on all my ideas. I really appreciate the quick response and updates on my request. Thanks to everyone on the Webstix team!”
– George C.

“I use Webstix for all my website and coding work. Great value.”
– Fred V.

“Thank you for helping me out. Resolution exceeded my capabilities.”
– GT

“I’m so glad that you are there for us if I can’t find the answer in the documentation. It’s nice to know we aren’t left out here on our own.”
– Brian W.

“We are always beyond satisfied and have recommended Webstix many times!”
– Mary M.

“Great to work with – they have helped to clean up our site and make it easier to use.”

“Love having your organization as part of our team. It is one less worry/headache for us. Thanks!”
– BM

“I had someone step in and help me when Tony was gone and they were also excellent! Great service.”

“I not only was pleased with the work Webstix did but I respect their moral and ethical compass that guides them.”

“Thanks everyone for handling my issue so quickly, I truly appreciate how efficient you all are!!”

“Thanks for your responsiveness in improving your feedback and communication since I made some comments a few days ago. You all do a terrific job! Thanks so much.”
– Lark

“I thoroughly appreciated Tony’s detailed responses to the several questions I had regarding this particular project.”
– Sue

“Quick response. Problem resolved first time. The work is always done quickly and effectively.”
– Jay M.

“Comparing your level of service to previous service I have received from another company, I could not be happier with your work and have no complaints!!”
– Michele M

“Thank you for helping us get this feature in place on the new website. I want my colleagues to blog, and they wouldn’t unless it was easy. You’ve made it easy. Thank you!”
– Brian W.

“Tony and Kantha were great answering all my requests. Fast response and great work.”

“We didn’t request the work, but it was found by Webstix. So well done.”
– Catrina K.

“Although in the initial request, there was an issue when viewed in Safari, as soon as it was noticed the issue was fixed.”
– SP

“As always, any issue brought up is resolved quickly, and I’m always informed of what it was and what was needed.”
– Mary M.

“Always a GREAT job…we are thankful for all your hard work and we enjoy working with you!”
– LC

“You all do a terrific job! I really appreciate the communication regarding follow-up too after the changes have been complete. Keep up the great work!”
– Lark

“There was a small issue in the work done, but the tech fixed it as soon as I noted the error. As usual, the work was done well and quickly accomplished.”
– Jay M.

“I already recommend you, you do excellent work with great response times.”
– Susan S.

“I appreciate such a fast response.”
– Martha W.

“Thank you so much for the great work and web maintenance, guys!”
– Peter G.

“I’ve already recommended you guys to several friends.”
– ST

“The entire Webstix team is great to work with!”
– Laura M.

“Thank you for resolving the issue quickly. Did not loose any business.”
– Lenny W.

“I always appreciate how quickly issues are addressed.”

“You guys rock!”
– Ron A.

“You guys rock!”
– Mike M.

“You all rock!”
– Lark

“Thanks for the great work you do!”
– Peter G.

“We appreciate everyone at Webstix! Love working with y’all!”
– Rose M.

“Accurate and prompt!”
– Joyce S.

“Everyone has been great to work with and very cooperative with all requests.”
– RB

“Always good to work with.”
– Rick G.

“Thank you! Especially to Tony and Joe!”

“Thanks for the quick response and resolution!”
– Cathey L.

“It’s always a pleasure to with the Webstix team.”
– Jay

“Thanks for all the great work!”
– Peter G.

– “Everything was handled great as usual.”
– Michele M.

“Great team, as always.”
– Jane H.

“Great job all around. Thanks again!”
– Ryan D.

“We will be using your service again in the near future. Thanks”

“Webstix is an outstanding company!”
– Mary M.

“A little misunderstanding of the issue at first, but I’m very satisfied with the resolution. Thank you for the quick fix on this issue.”
– Jay M.

“Thankful for the follow-up help from your team!”

“Great Job! Keep up the good work!”

“It was a simple problem and the team took care of it promptly and tested the resolution thoroughly. Thanks.”
– Jay M.

“You guys are always terrific.”
– Tim F.

“Good jobs guys, thank you for the effort.”
– Mike M.

“I am very satisfied with the communication and assistance received.”
– Catrina K.

“Webstix maintenance remarkably response time with issues that I have periodically in my website is outstanding. This saves my company money but also reduces customer complaints as my website is an integral component to my service. I have full confidence that Webstix maintenance will take care of any issues that may arise. Thank you for your service.”
-Lenny W.