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Website Maintenance Definition

Sometimes people ask what the definition of “website maintenance” really is. Here’s how we would define it:

Performing all the tasks necessary to keep a website up to date and in good, working order so that it works and shows up correctly with the latest web browsers and mobile devices.

For example:

  • Changing website content (text, images, PDF files, calendar events, etc.)
  • Tweaking / optimizing pages and your website design so that they rank higher with search engines
  • Redesigning a header / website banner
  • Testing that the website works well with the latest web browsers / mobile devices
  • Upgrading website software
  • Checking website error logs
  • Reporting website rankings and statistics
  • Troubleshooting why pages don’t work or why certain things don’t line up
  • Testing forms
  • Cleaning up old files
  • Formatting and sending a monthly e-newsletter and so on…

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Finally! You can get these things off of your list!

  • Does something on your website need to be updated or changed?
  • Is it some text, an image, an event or something more complex?
  • Is your current Webmaster just taking too long to do it?

Who is Web Maintenance For?

Small to medium sized companies who do not have staff to do maintenance tasks on their website are perfect candidates for this service. Working on their website is not a part of daily operations as they need to tend to running their business. Taking the time to learn how to do website design and maintenance properly is not a good investment in time as they need their staff to work on other things. They can instead hand the work off to a team of experts with a wide range of knowledge.

Larger sized businesses may also benefit from hiring out website maintenance because then the work doesn’t sit at the bottom of the IT Department’s to-do list. The work is done professionally (up to standards) and quickly so that the website and business benefit.

It’s also for organizations and non-profits that just need a little help with their website.

Important Information About Website Maintenance

With web maintenance work, you want to make sure a number of things are done. These are things that we always do but you should ask these things of whomever does the work for you to make sure it’s done right. After all, your website is very important and vital to your business.

  • Get a quote for the work before the work begins. Make sure the quote explains exactly what will be done. If the person doing the work isn’t clear about what you want, they should ask you questions to make sure.
  • Make sure files and databases / information is all backed up so that it can be restored and put back the way it was if needed.
  • If any design work is being done, make sure a mock-up is included so that you can see how it will look. The mock-up acts as a blueprint and saves you money since it’s easier to move things around in the mock-up stage.
  • Make sure the work is tested in the latest web browsers and mobile devices.
  • Get a report of what work was done when it’s completed. The report should confirm how much you are being charged and it should match the quote you were given.

Website Maintenance Turnaround Time

Once a quote is approved, the work takes 24-48 hours at the most. From time to time, we might run into unexpected issues and, if that’s the case, we will notify you as early as possible.

Ready to Get Started?

Find out more about pricing, discounts and where to submit a quote:

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