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Pay Per Click Services & Search Engine Marketing

“Never Before In The History Of Advertising Could
You Spend $5, Write A Couple Of Ads, And Get
Instant Access To Over 100 Million People In
Less Than 10 Minutes…

Yet most businesses still believe it’s just not profitable!”
(Spoiler Alert: it works if you know what you’re doing)

Man with fingers crossedThe major pitfall of most conventional advertising is that there are too many unknowns, so you have a hard time determining what’s working and what’s not. You just hope that what you’re spending your advertising dollars will actually bring you business.

It’s much like what, the father of modern advertising, John Wanamaker once said...

"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted;
the trouble is I don't know which half."

However, when you use measurable and trackable advertising, like pay-per-click ads on Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, Facebook, etc., you can have the most targeted, on-time, cost effective advertising working for your business than ever before... seriously!

Yes, Google and the other big guys can be treacherous and overwhelming at first - punishing uneducated-marketers and rewarding smart ones. But the reality is, there can be a lot more success stories if it’s all handled with those who have the right training and successful experience.

They need to have certifications and up-to-date training by the biggest players in the industry.

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Our team has not only the necessary training and certifications, but we’ve been privately managing and consulting on the online advertising of Inc. 500 companies, as well as dozens of small and mid-sized businesses throughout the world, all totaling over $500,000.


But of course, the certifications & training are meaningless,
unless they’re backed up with results, right?

Here’s what one local business had to say about having their online advertised managed by members of our team...


And this one too...


You still might be thinking...

Our website has great SEO already,
why would we need PPC Advertising too?"

Well there are many reasons how SEO and PPC can work together. But here’s the top 3 reasons why successful companies who rank high in search engines, also invest money in online advertising too.

1. You get more real estate - when you control the top organic and ad listings, your competitors who advertise too, usually lose out on one of the 2 battles. Giving you the greater advantage to get your message in front of your audience!

2. Trending keyword advantage - using PPC can give you a better pulse of what keywords are actually trending (80% of search terms are new!) and which actually trigger conversions.

3. No SEO? No problem - PPC gives you the advantage to quickly rank for keywords of which your SEO has not yet brought you traffic. Hello instant gratification!

So how do you know if our Pay-Per-Click
Advertising will work for your business?

We honestly couldn’t give you a true “diagnosis” unless we have a 30 minute (or so) conversation, and then we’d be glad to tell you if it would be a good investment or if you should just stick with what you’re doing. see if your business would actually benefit from.

Truth is, PPC advertising is not right for everyone... and we’ll let you know.

The best way to find out is by starting the conversation. Just click the below to be directed to our contact page. You can also just email us at ppcservices@webstix.com.

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