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Webstix FAQs

Are your prices posted on your website?

For us to give you pricing and make sure your website will work the way you need it to, we would like to set a few minutes to consult with you. We offer a full range of web solutions, from complete custom design to "semi-custom" sites that cost less. [Top of page]

Can I get a "ballpark" quote?

Sure, here's one:

"Baseball is 90% mental, the other half is physical."
--Yogi Berra

If that's not good enough, we'd want to sit down with you and help plan your site needs. Call us for a quick appointment.

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How long until the website will launch?

This varies with every project, of course. A normal website project will launch in about 10 weeks from concept to testing to launch. But then again, we've launched complete sites in as little as one week.

Our team meticulously works on the smallest details of your website to make sure the launch goes off without a hitch. This attention to detail goes a long way to making your website project a success.

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Can I update my website myself?

Yes, we have ways for you to easily update the majority of your website yourself without having to know HTML code. And we do provide built-in maintenance with every full website package we sell—just because we understand that launching a website is just the beginning - not the end!

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Do you do web hosting?

Yes, we provide website hosting but it's not required to host with us. Our website hosting is tuned to have websites load very quickly and it is premium hosting. Think of it as a gated community versus a huge apartment building that lets anyone rent space.

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How do I know how many people come to my site?

With every website project, we include setting up Google Analytics so that you can easily login there and check your stats (essentially in real-time) whenever you want.

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How can I get instant traffic to my site?

We think about SEO (search engine optimization) with every task we do to build your website. Doing SEO right can take some time - especially with new websites/domain names. If you need instant traffic to your website, our PPC (pay per click / Google AdWords) experts can help you set up a campaign to drive targeted traffic to your website for instant traffic after it launches.

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