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Set Up Sales Tax Collection in WooCommerce

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Update on Google Maps Platform

Major update on the Google Maps Platform Google has launched a major update to the Maps API platform in 2018. Google changed it to premium plans. Based on this update, every Google API should have a valid API key and Google billing account. You can get more information here: https://cloud.google.com/maps-platform/user-guide/account-changes/ A new pay-as-you-go pricing plan […]

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Set Up Sales Tax Collection in WooCommerce

WooCommerce has a guide on how to set up automatic sales tax collection here: Setting up Taxes in WooCommerce (docs.woocommerce.com)

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How to Make Your Website's Phone Number Clickable for Mobile Website Visitors How to Make Your Website's Phone Number Clickable for Mobile Website Visitors

When people view your website on their phone, you want to make sure they can click (tap) on your phone number and then have it dial your number. This makes it easier for them so that they don't have to temporarily memorize it (where they might get it wrong). The HTML code to do this […]

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WooCommerce Manuals, Documentation and Training WooCommerce Manuals, Documentation and Training

Many websites we build now for our clients use WooCommerce inside WordPress. It's popular e-commerce software and work well. It works so well that WordPress actually bought WooCommerce, so the two are very connected now. Below are some resources to help you learn how to manage your online, e-commerce store. If you're a Website Care […]

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Delegating Access From GoDaddy

Delegating Access From GoDaddy A good way to give access to a GoDaddy account without handing someone your own username and password is to use the "Delegate Access" feature in your GoDaddy account. For our clients, if we need access to your hosting at GoDaddy, here’s how to do that: https://www.godaddy.com/help/give-others-access-to-my-godaddy-account-12376 and you can delegate […]

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What's the Difference Between a Site Map and Navigation?

To answer this question can be a little complicated and difficult to understand if you're new to the website design process, so we'll explain this a few ways. In short, a site map shows where content lives - typically in an outline form where you can have pages in sections. There's no duplicate content (the […]

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How is My Website Hosting Transferred to Webstix?

How to Move Website Hosting From One Host to Another One question we sometimes get is how to transfer a website from another host over to us. It's not too difficult but there are a bunch of steps that need to be followed. This article will outline the general process for moving a website from […]

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Recent Update to Remarketing with Google Analytics 2017

Google has recently sent out an email to their Google Analytics users stating that the Remarketing with Google Analytics will soon be enhanced to take advantage of new cross-device functionality available in AdWords and DoubleClick. Here is the Google update on Remarketing with Google Analytics 2017 “Important update to Remarketing with Google Analytics” Starting May […]

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Uploading Images to WordPress Can Take Up Too Much Space Uploading Images to WordPress Can Take Up Too Much Space

Be Careful Uploading Images to WordPress What WordPress does is create several images for each image you upload. They might be sizes like 600 pixels wide, 300 pixels wide, 150 pixels wide and your original, full sized image. If the image you upload is so large (like over 2000 pixels wide), then that image might […]

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How Many Pages Will Webstix Set Up?

Your Webstix Service Agreement should specify how many pages we've estimated your website will need. We often include a number of pages in our basic CMS package and then charge an amount per page for additional pages. As the website is designed and copy is worked on, it's common for more pages to be added. […]

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