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E-Newsletter Integration

Email newsletter on a tablet computerWhy Do Email Marketing?

Your email list is gold... seriously! People sign up and they want to hear from you because they're interested in your products and services. You can put together a special or offer a new service, send it out and get sales.

If that didn't just blow your mind, read that last paragraph again. 🙂

Email marketing isn't difficult to do. You can have your current customers sign up or offer a discount or PDF report for people to hand over their email address to you. You can then market them whenever you want. If you treat them right and provide value, they'll stay on your list and reward you. Again... are you getting it yet? It's gold.

Why Use An E-Newsletter Service?

These services are set up to handle lists - large lists. Emails get sent out quickly and are much more likely to get the emails delivered than if you ran your own kind of e-newsletter software (or use a program like Outlook). It takes a good amount of work to keep a server off of the many spam email black lists that are out there. They have the staff and set up to make sure that their servers stay off of these lists. Also, they have very good statistics so that you can see who opened the emails and if they took any action.

Services like Constant Contact, Robly, GetResponse or iContact are just going to work so much better in terms of management, delivery and statistics and we encourage all our clients to use these kinds of services if they are serious about direct email / e-newsletter marketing to their customers.

In other words, they do it better. There was a time when this was something that could easily be handled by anyone but with all the spam email blockers out there and tighter regulations on spam email, sending e-newsletters really needs to be handled by companies that specialize in that service. We cannot have our servers on spam lists (black lists) because then people will not receive things like order receipts from making purchases from e-commerce websites on our servers. It's in everyone's best interests to use e-newsletter services and the prices are not too bad at all.

Finger pushing a key on a keyboardE-Newsletter Service Providers

There are other providers that can use instead of Constant Contact. They have varying features and pricing models:


We've found that Robly has about the best success with delivering emails - their emails go through to people's inboxes better than any other service we've used.


Another good service for sending e-newsletters is iContact. Their plans are a little less and there might not be as many features as Constant Contact, but iContact might be a good fit for some of our clients. Go to iContact.


One more to consider is AWeber. They have some great features and e-newsletter templates for you to start with as well (or we can make one for you).


MailChimp is also free. They have a free plan available for a small list. Their system is easy to use and people really like it. We know they only offer email support and it's not very fast, so support is lacking.


GetResponse is a more advanced e-newsletter service provider. It's very easy to use and is catered more toward Internet Marketers. You'll like the features they offer.

Constant Contact Integration

Webstix can easily integrate your Constant Contact e-newsletter account into your website so that your website visitors can easily subscribe to your e-newsletter. To do that is simple.

Constant Contact may have sent you an email that contains the e-newsletter integration code. If so, you can forward that on to us.

Your other option is to login to Constant Contact and follow these instructions:

  1. Login in to Constant Contact.
  2. On the right side, you will find the text: "Sign up new contacts with a Join My Mailing List Box"
  3. Click on "Join My Mailing List Box." It will take you to a page where you can generate the HTML code yourself.
  4. Copy that code into an email or plain text file and then email that to us.

If you need any help with this. We will be happy to help you with it. Just send us your username and password - you can change your password once we're done if you like.

Also, we're a partner with Constant Contact and they are our preferred e-newsletter service provider.

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