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Ten or more years ago, it really didn't take much to promote a website. You launched it, submitted it to search engines and then you started getting traffic. Today, it's a totally different ballgame.

Today, your website first needs to have responsive design because mobile traffic is starting to overtake desktop computer use/traffic. Your website needs to work well on those devices if you want to get listed in search engine results when people use those devices to search. This is just basic website design today.

Marketing Starts With Design and Content

The whole design process is where marketing starts. It starts with the content development and design. There needs to be guided calls to action so that your website visitors are guided to take action. The action can be small like a Facebook "like" or e-newsletter sign up or larger like filling in a Contact Us form, giving you a call or completing a sale online.

This is often a problem with a lot of websites you see out there - people try to send a lot of traffic to them but the website itself doesn't convert traffic into leads or sales. They might be able to get more leads and sales with the same traffic if the website only converted better. This can simply be adding better calls to action all the way up to a complete redesign. That way, when there is more traffic, that new traffic also converts better.

The website structure matters, too. For a website to be successful and rank high, you need the following:

  • Solid website structure
  • High quality, relevant backlinks
  • Sufficient online branding

If your website's structure is confusing to search engines, you're going to have to work harder to get the same results as a website that's structured right with less content.

Complete Your Marketing

Another thing that is often missed is online branding. You must establish your brand online. This can go all the way back to what you named your company. If you've chosen a common name or one that's also a keyword, you're going to have your work cut out for you. One smart thing we did at Webstix was we named our company a new word. This makes tracking our brand online really easy. If you don't have this luxury, then there are other ways to build your brand online but you had better do it right or your efforts will be considered spammy.

Social Signals Matter

Part of your online branding will include social media. Pick your usernames on purpose and attach them to your brand. Your cover images and logos need to match. Your address on your website and on listings on other websites needs to match. You then need to be active with all your social media and interact with those audiences in order to get your messages out there and to stand out and be seen.

Anyone starting a business today isn't really starting a business, they're more or less starting a marketing company that also does a certain type of business. For example, if you're an accounting firm, you're really a marketing company that also does accounting work. Most businesses and organizations out there don't look at themselves this way and if they really can't act that way, they need a partner like Webstix that can either make doing that work much easier or we can be an active partner with you.

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