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Website Marketing & Design Company in Madison, WI

Webstix (in business since 2001) is a web site developer offering beautiful, award winning responsive website design paired with solid website marketing and promotion services so that your website works as a marketing tool for your business or organization. We’re experts in web engineering and web development. We can even take care of web accessibility so that everyone coming to your website can access your important content.

At Webstix, you get the knowledge and experience of our entire team. Here are some of the main things we find are important to business owners:

  • We Communicate – We hear so often from people calling us that they have problems hearing from their current web developer. That sounds so strange to us – that there wouldn’t be any communication. If you’re stuck in that situation, it’s time to get out because it shouldn’t be that way. If you contact us, you’ll hear back.
  • We Think About the Little Stuff – Website design today is complicated. With so many types of devices and browsers out there, there are lot more details to think about than even just a couple years ago – and it keeps getting more complicated. We watch for these things and test them.
  • We Know Small Business – We think about more than your website – we think about your business. What good is a nice looking website if it doesn’t work with how you do business? Our clients say that other website design firms don’t do this.
  • It’s More Than Just Colors – We’re different. Our first question to you isn’t about what colors you want. That’s important but we’re more focused on creating a website that works with your business and is a tool that provides a return on your investment. We’re great at design – so let’s talk about how to make your website give you a return on your investment.
  • Get Traffic to Your Website – Having a great website is like having a phone number with your best salesperson on the other side. The problem is, if people don’t know you’re there, the phone won’t ring. You have to advertise in order to get calls and leads. We combine a solid advertising program along with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to get your website ranking high and the phone ringing.

Why Webstix is Different

A Webstix website simply works better because we do things other companies neglect. We have a better process, have more checklists, design better, build in better features and do more testing than other website design companies in the area. The result is a website that has huge advantages. It ranks higher after launch. It’s easier to use. It doesn’t have major things wrong with it. It simply works better – in every aspect.

We focus on standardized code, interface design, and user experience design to make sure the websites we create work well. We stick to web accessibility guidelines in CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), JavaScript, and HTML markup.

We go beyond design and get into how your business works. Let’s work together and create a website that works for your business.


Our Portfolio Includes Clients in Madison and Around the World

As one of the best Madison, Wisconsin website developers doing web engineering you’ll find, we have local clients such as Genesis Painting, Capitol Auto Credit, Associated Students of Madison and others in the Madison area. We serve Southern Wisconsin and we also have clients around the United States and even the world. Webstix is UW-Madison Alumni owned.

We use modern website design and tools to create websites that load quickly and provide the best user experience possible. We’ve worked in many industries and we’re able to borrow powerful techniques used in one industry and adapt them to work in other industries. The result is a website that is easy to use, one that looks good and one that the search engines like and want to rank.

If you have never gone through a website design project before, we make it easy. Our system is designed to ease the load on you because you have a business to run and designing a website doesn’t fall into your daily tasks. You get several updates a week regarding what’s going on and asking you for the things we need from you.

We value your time and our staff is trained to make it easy to respond when we ask you something. You want a website company that knows what they’re doing and we’ve been doing this for over 15 years now.

In the end, you’ll get a great looking website that loads quickly and produces results. We have case studies showing how we’ve increased traffic and converted more traffic into leads for our clients.

See some great examples of our work in our website design portfolio.

Expertise to Help Small, Medium, and Large Sized Companies

Our expertise can be applied to small organizations or larger companies like Samsung and Polaris. We help them achieve their goals with their website if they are focusing on B2C or B2B target markets. We specialize in industrial website design but also help clients with other types of businesses.

If you need system integration, we’re here to help. We jump at the chance to help our clients integrate their website into their back-end systems be it a CRM, inventory system, shipping API or whatever else you have. Our programmers are smart and creative. Pretty much anything is possible today, so run your website integration project past us and let’s see what we can make happen.

We also work with manufacturers, distributors, schools, governments, municipalities, entertainers, restaurants and other kinds of businesses. We very often bring over great ideas from one market into another – with a little adaptation, of course.

Madison, Surrounding Areas, The Nation and The World!

Our headquarters is in Madison (Dane County) but we serve clients around the area – including the Milwaukee, WI area, around the state and around the country. We even have clients that we’ve done work and projects for that we’ve never met face-to-face.

Our clients in Madison rave about how they love our process and how easy it is to build a website with Webstix. We have the experience to guide you through the process and we understand you have a business to run, so we won’t bother you too much – but just enough so you know what we’re working on.

We communicate with phone calls, Skype meetings, screen sharing and email – as well as in person. If you’re in an area where we don’t have an office, we can even fly out to see you.

We serve cities in the area like Verona, Middleton, Sun Prairie, DeForest, Stoughton, Deerfield, Lake Mills, New Glarus, Waunakee, Fort Atkinson, Baraboo, Portage, Janesville, Fox Lake, Wisconsin Dells, Reedsburg, Delafield, Whitewater and other areas as well.

WordPress Website Design

We develop most of our websites using WordPress – although we often use Magento for large e-commerce websites and we have used Joomla and Drupal (content management systems). We’re experts at user experience design, interactive design and use a grid-based design system for most projects, which is the standard because of the fluid design that’s needed today.

With WordPress, you get an easy-to-use interface that’s a lot like using Facebook or other websites. We provide training for you and your staff to make sure you know how to use and update content on your website yourself. You’re also able to virtually add as many pages yourself to your website that you want. The sky’s the limit when it comes to adding text, images, documents/PDF and so on.

With features like shopping carts, event calendars, blogging, photo galleries and more, WordPress helps make your website a tool for your business, saving you money. And we’re also here to support your WordPress website.

Website Maintenance / Emergency Website Help

Webstix is full service and that includes website site. If you would like help with maintaining your website, updating the software it runs on, adding content or fixing things, then the team of experts at Webstix can help – even if we didn’t originally create your website!

Our Website Maintenance Department is known worldwide. We’ve helped clients on many continents and we’d love to you, too. We’re constantly getting a 4 out of 5 or 5 out of 5 rating on our work and our clients send us praise all the time – even without us asking. Our team loves to come in and save the day.

We use a ticket system to help keep track of all the things you need done. We offer quotes for work with no cost or obligation. Tell us what you need then we get you a quote and ask if you would like us to get started. It’s really just that easy.

We do testing in the latest web browsers (although some of us grew up using the Mosaic browser at one point) to ensure your website works like it should.

Our clients like our Maintenance Blocks system because there are no monthly retainers. You pay for what you use – it’s à la carte website maintenance. One block is a half hour and if you purchase packs of blocks, you get discounts. Use them when you want because they never expire.

Here is what a few of our clients are saying:

“Webstix clearly has expertise, and I appreciate the consistent politeness and courtesy!” – Sue B. in Madison

“You guys are a terrific resource.” – Dr. Duane in New York State

“No matter how complex or simple my technological issue, Webstix provides service in a timely, cost-effective, and friendly manner. Thank you for the peace of mind you offer.” – Tracey G. in Exmoor, England

“Everybody I spoke to was very nice, respectful and helpful. I want to look into having some more changes made and I will definitely be back in touch.” – Annette S. in Washington State

“Excellent and prompt service as usual.” – Debbie W. in Wisconsin

“I appreciated the reminder about my maintenance blocks. The changes to our website look great!” – Cindy C. in Madison, WI

If you need help with your website, Contact Webstix today!

Webstix Started in 2001

We have been around since 2001 and our personnel have been doing website design from the beginning – back in the days when Tim Berners-Lee and Marc Andreessen first got the World Wide Web up and going (if anyone remembers that still). We’ve been there from the beginning, which means we’ve seen the web evolve and change over the years. This helps us understand why things work a certain way and it helps us see where website design and development is going into the future.

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"The folks at Webstix have been very responsive to our growing website design and functionality needs. We are very happy with their execution of our website strategy and I would recommend using Webstix for your web design and ongoing maintenance needs. They enable Forenzo Vineyards to make sound decisions involving our internet marketing and give recommendations on website development. Very professional and knowledgeable."

- Gary DiCenzo, Forenzo Vineyards

"Webstix has been very professional and responsive to our needs and has helped us with our website maintenance and development. I would highly recommend their staff for all your website needs."

- Fred Lubcke, Cornerstone Designs

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