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How Much Does Website Design Cost?

Paid website design typically costs between $2000 and $10,000 for most projects. The size of the website matters along with additional features like photo galleries, forms, and e-commerce. The more work you can do (like the page content), the more the price can be lowered. In general, as with anything, you get pretty much get what you pay for with website design.

There are also ongoing costs like website software updates, hosting, and SSL certificates.

Make sure, with any contract you sign, that you know exactly what you're getting. As design companies watch out for scope creep (doing more work than what was budgeted), you as the client also need to understand what you'll be getting. You should ask for examples to make sure you understand what you get before signing a website design contract.

If new work beyond the scope/budget of the project does happen, then you should make sure you know how much you're being charged before the work begins. Make sure you approve a budget along with whatever the new work is. It is typical for new work to enter the project since, as the project progresses, new ideas arise, so don't resist new work - just make sure you understand everything before that work begins.

The price of website design in Wisconsin is, of course, variable. We're not building the same exact website for everyone. One thing we try to avoid is "nickel and diming" our clients to death. That's no fun - for us or you. We anticipate changes and areas where we know you'll need help. We do our best to include that in our work.

If something comes up (which is OK to do) and we see the scope of the project changing, we will let you know so that you can decide which way to go. That's only fair.

Webstix isn't the cheapest place in town but you don't want the cheapest place in town, right? Many of our clients have tried the rest. They've tried the cheap website design companies out there and have been burned. We've heard all the stories about the"web guy" that doesn't respond or the one who leaves town all of a sudden. It's sad and we do our best to work with clients like that because it's an all too familiar story.

Webstix is also not the most expensive either - find out for yourself!

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