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How to Connect Using SFTP

Webstix Hosting - Using SFTP/FTPS

Starting in July 2015, our server just uses SFTP and not regular FTP. This change will make passwords more secure since they're sent using SSL encryption instead of in the clear. This article will explain using SFTP with our server.

We're actually using FTPS, which is FTP over SSL for all accounts (most FTP programs call this SFTP, so it can get confusing). We do have SFTP (using SSH) available for some accounts.

In summary:

  • FTPS = FTP + SSL
  • SFTP = SSH using an FTP program

First, Use an FTP Program

There are a number of popular FTP programs available for Macs/OSX and PC/Windows:

Second, Get the Settings Right

You may need to play with the settings, but here are some notes that will help you:

  • Set the hostname to: "web11.webstix.com" (without quotes)
  • Use port 21
  • Use FTP with TLS or SSL
  • Use passive mode
  • Make sure the username and password are right (copy and paste - don't type them in)

Note: If you get a message about the certificate not matching, then it's OK. You should see one for "web11.webstix.com" showing up. Just accept it or click connect.

Third, Find Your Files

For websites, all the website files are typically in the "httpdocs" folder on our servers.

Instructions for Using Secure FTP in FileZilla:

To download the Filezilla FTP porgram, visit: filezilla-project.org

  1. Start FileZilla, then from the File menu, choose "Site Manager…"
  2. Click on the "New Site" button and type in a descriptive site name.
  3. In the "Host:" box, type in your domain name and specify "Port" as 21
  4. In the "Protocol:" drop-down, choose: "FTP - File Transfer Protocol"
  5. In the "Encryption:" drop-down, choose: "Use explicit FTP over TLS if available"
  6. In the "Logon Type" area, choose: Normal
  7. In the "User:" box, type in: Your FTP account username.
  8. In the “Password:“ box, type in: Your FTP password.
    Note: You can find the Username and Password on the launch email which we sent.
  9. Click on the "Connect" button to connect through SFTP.

Instructions for Usine SFTP in Transmit (Mac):

Set up a new site and follow the settings we list above (port 21, FTP with TLS/SSL, passive mode) and you should be good.

Here's a screen shot of how it looks in Transmit:

FTP Server Settings Screen

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